A Bottom on Top: Pete Buttigieg Surges in New Hampshire After Totally Legit Iowa Results

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2020

Well, if there was a plot to make Buttigieg the fake winner in Iowa, it seems to have worked.

The Hill:

Democratic presidential hopeful and former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s support has surged in New Hampshire ahead of the state’s primary, according to a new WBZ/Boston Globe/Suffolk University daily tracking poll released on Thursday night.

Buttigieg’s support shot up four points to 23 percent in the state over the past 24 hours, according to the survey. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) still leads with 24 percent support, but the latest results put the two candidates closer in a virtual tie. 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) came in with 13 percent support in the poll, and former Vice President Joe Biden garnered 11 percent support in the Granite State.

The latest tracking poll number comes as Buttigieg and Sanders are locked in a dead-heat in Iowa after the first-in-the-nation caucuses with 100 percent of the results in. 

Buttigieg leads by a narrow margin with 26. 2 percent among Iowa State Delegate Equivalents, while Sanders is on his heels at 26.1 percent.

Despite the tight race, both campaigns declared victory on Thursday night.

If they did steal Iowa, they could likely be setting up this polling to justify stealing New Hampshire.

And I think they did steal Iowa. This is all just too shady, with the rounding errors, the Hillary Clinton app, openly handing over Bernie votes to random people, all of it.


Increasingly glaring irregularities in the Iowa caucus have forced DNC chair Tom Perez to call for a recanvass, as new revelations about those who funded the fiasco suggest a campaign to steal not just the election, but the party.

Just when it looked like the Iowa caucus nightmare was over, with 97 percent of precincts reporting and so many “inconsistencies” glossed over to reach that point that the most corrupt banana republic would raise an eyebrow, Perez has called for a do-over. “In light of the problems that have emerged” and “to assure public confidence in the results,” the party leader ordered its Iowa chapter to “immediately begin a recanvass” on Thursday, adding that a recanvass is not a recount per se but “a review of the worksheets from each caucus site.”

South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg’s brazen caucus-night declaration of victory had been hanging by a thread – Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, clearly the favorite by the popular vote, was gaining on his younger rival in delegate count as well before Perez suggested they restart the process.

Shell-shocked voters had sat patiently through three days of revelations that the corruption and malfeasance infecting the party made 2016’s efforts to rig the primary for Hillary Clinton look like milk and cookies. And now they had to do it again?

The straw that broke the camel’s back might have been the Iowa Democrats’ sheepish walk-back of a set of phony results for Black Hawk County on Wednesday night, which had mysteriously handed a large chunk of Sanders votes to billionaire Tom Steyer and former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick. When the county supervisor published the actual results, the party dutifully updated their totals to reflect reality after promising a “minor correction.”

But this nonchalant correction of yet another supposedly innocent mistake – all of which, some noticed, had penalized Sanders – wasn’t enough for voters who had lost patience with the process. “How many other counties are having their results falsely reported by the IDP?” one group tweeted, giving voice to the suspicions shared by many.

Nor did Perez’s call for a recanvass pacify the angry mob. Instead, it merely sparked calls for him to resign. The establishment stalwart has been in the crosshairs of the party’s progressive wing since last week’s announcement that the 2020 convention would be packed to the brim with corporate lobbyists, Clinton and Obama administration alumni, and former Clinton campaign director John Podesta himself – whose hacked emails, along with those of the DNC itself, revealed the extent of the primary-rigging scheme against Sanders in 2016.

Monday’s caucus was marred almost immediately by a glitch in the app precincts were supposed to use to report vote totals. When the nature of the glitch became public – vote totals input one way came out differently – angry voters began looking into how and why the Iowa Democrats had used an untested app built by supposedly well-meaning but technologically-inept former Clinton staffers (at a company absurdly called Shadow). Warnings the app didn’t work had been ignored for over a week. The Buttigieg campaign had donated $40,000 to Shadow, whose app seemed to be handing him first place in spite of polls, and Shadow’s parent company Acronym’s founder Tara McGowan was married to a Buttigieg staffer herself. Despite MSM attempts to blame Trump supporters for flooding the hotline set up to report caucus vote totals in the event of a software malfunction, CNN caught line operators deliberately hanging up on precinct supervisors, indicating the problem went far beyond a simple software glitch.

Acronym has now been traced to another notorious figure in Democratic election-meddling circles. Reid Hoffman, the billionaire LinkedIn founder who bankrolled the Shadow-like New Knowledge’s rigging of the 2017 Alabama Senate race using fake “Russian bots” and social media disinformation campaigns, also provided the seed money for Acronym. CEO McGowan personally credited Hoffman for setting her up with the startup capital for her company, which in addition to Shadow runs fake news pages on Facebook remarkably similar to some of New Knowledge’s Alabama propaganda.

Acronym also gave rise to a lucrative political action committee that has sucked up millions of dollars in donations from hardline right-wing Jewish lobbyists, including Times of Israel founder Seth Klarman, who somehow came around from backing Trump and neocon Florida Senator Marco Rubio to embracing Buttigieg and a handful of other centrist Democrats. Klarman financed the Israel Project, which until it closed last year operated fake news pages on Facebook exactly like those run by New Knowledge and Shadow. A pattern appears to be emerging here.

Yeah, I’d say.

The best option is a complete do-over.

However, we’re already halfway to New Hampshire, and the media is not paying any attention at all to this situation in Iowa.

When you first look at how completely shady all of this is, you think “oh these dumb boomers think they can get away with the type of dirty tricks they got away with in the 80s – but this is the age of the internet!”

But it really doesn’t matter that it is the age of the internet. The social big tech companies have done a nigh perfect job securing a monopoly on the internet, and they’ve done a nigh perfect job shutting down all voices other than those of the establishment and those who support it.

Twitter was literally mass-deleting tweets about the rounding errors, saying they were “election disinformation.”

As I covered yesterday, several of the most prominent tweets about the Iowa meddling – which were featured in a Town Hall article – were deleted by Twitter, and we only know about them because they were featured in the Town Hall article.

How many other tweets were deleted that we never saw?

No one knows and no one has any ability to find out.

Because all of this bullshit about Russian hackers hacking the election by posting on social media was leading up to this: they can now declare that anyone who calls them out on their tricks and scams is a Russian or some other brand of “meddler” who is “spreading disinformation.” They’ve established that posting information that is wrong on social media amounts to “meddling in democracy” and they’ve established that only a team of invisible tech employees has a right to decide what is “wrong.”

It’s incredible, the way that whole scheme is now paying off and playing out right before our eyes.

Moving forward, they are just going to engage in open, public fraud, and delete posts and ban anyone who calls them out.

Good job supporting all that social media censorship, Antifa, you absolute retards. 

You really showed those NAZIS.

But you’re all Russian hackers now.

Funny how that works, huh?