The Body of Epstein Appears to Have a Different Nose and Ears

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2019

As all of our regular readers are aware, I am generally critical of conspiracies.

However, there is a whole lot of weird stuff going on these days. So I feel an obligation to at least report on conspiracies, even if I don’t necessarily believe or endorse them.

And so it is with a mindfulness of my duty to the people that I bring to your attention the fact that the picture of Jeffrey Epstein being wheeled into a hospital in lower Manhattan appears to have a completely different nose and different ears than the actual Jeffrey Epstein.

It also appears that he has significantly bushier eyebrows.

Of course, there are potential explanations for this that you would have to be a medical professional to speculate about. For example, a hanging would cause the face to swell. It does not seem to me that it would cause the bridge of the nose to swell. But I don’t know.

But if we were to look at the conspiracy theory critically, it is possible that this is not Jeffrey Epstein that died.

When Would He Have Been Switched Out?

According to the story, Epstein was still alive and in cardiac arrest from the hanging when he was taken to the hospital. So he could have been switched out in the ambulance. Or at any time during the transfer. In the ambulance would make the most sense, and that easily could have been arranged.

He could have taken pills to simulate cardiac arrest and faked a hanging and then been wheeled into the ambulance, with a different body wheeled out.

Furthermore, it is possible that he was even switched out at the end of July, following his first alleged suicide attempt last month, when he was rushed to the hospital.

Who Would the Body Be?

A lot of really rich people have body doubles. It’s not a rare practice. In China, every rich person has a body double set up, and they often try to get them to do prison time for them (it’s easier in Asia, because they all look very similar, but with plastic surgery and so on it isn’t impossible in the West either).

As far as why a body double would agree to be murdered – there are billions upon billions of dollars involved here. Effectively infinite money. So it could be as simple as telling the guy “look, you’re in your sixties, we’ll give your kids 100 million each if you agree to die.” Or they could have just killed him.

Why Would They Bother Saving Epstein Instead of Just Killing Him?

Epstein was clearly a Mossad agent. And when you have people working in these types of operations, you need them to have absolute loyalty. So you have to be absolutely loyal to them, and let them know you’re not going to burn them. So even though it isn’t like Jews won’t sacrifice one single Jew, when you are talking about a high-level Mossad asset, it is very bad for their operation to let one go down, as it could erode the trust of other such agents.

The Other Possibility

Regarding the last point on the need for the Mossad to be an organization believed to be 100% trusted to take care of its agents, it is possible that the photograph of Epstein’s body was faked in order to make certain people believe he didn’t really die. We only have this one photograph. And it is somewhat weird that the photograph actually exists. Usually, ambulances go into a garage to unload patients at a hospital, where there wouldn’t be any journalists.

Furthermore, it isn’t even clear who actually took this picture. No journalist is claiming to have taken it. It’s not even clear where it originally appeared. So it seems very purposeful that it exists, and it is taken at exactly the right angle to show that it isn’t his nose or ears.

Who Knows?

I’m not ready to endorse any of this, necessarily. But it could well be true. It sounds crazy, but basically everything that happens these days sounds crazy, so whether something sounds crazy isn’t really an important factor in trying to determine whether it is true or not.