The Blood of Your Children: They are Working to Vaxx All the Little Kiddies

This virus stuff isn’t really going away, is it?

Is it?

It’s not.

They are going to vaxx your kids unless you escape.

LA Times:

California will continue to require masks in school settings, state health officials announced Friday, even though federal health authorities released new guidelines saying vaccinated students and teachers no longer need to wear masks inside campus buildings.

“Masking is a simple and effective intervention that does not interfere with offering full in-person instruction,” said California Health and Human Services Agency Secretary Mark Ghaly. “At the outset of the new year, students should be able to walk into school without worrying about whether they will feel different or singled out for being vaccinated or unvaccinated — treating all kids the same will support a calm and supportive school environment.”

The recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which also said schools should try and keep desks three feet apart, are not a mandate. The CDC guidance said prevention strategies, including indoor masking, should be utilized when it’s not possible to maintain a distance of at least three feet in the classroom.

Ghaly said that not all school facilities in the state can accommodate physical distancing and “we will align with the CDC by implementing multiple layers of mitigation strategies, including continued masking and robust testing capacity.” The state’s directive would also “ensure that all kids are treated the same,” the California Department of Public Health said.

This has no negative effect on children, says the health professional from the government:

The CDC plan is to get the children vaxxed by letting them take their masks off. That way they’ll all be begging their parents to get the deadly gene therapy injection, and an entire generation of breeding boxes will be lost.

A recent study from the same university system in the UK that hoaxed those idiotic graphs and claimed that millions of people would die from the supposed virus cleared up the official statistics on children dying from the virus: it’s one in 500,000. Kids are five times more likely to die from suicide, according to their own data.

The conservacucks on Fox News and Breitbart keep agreeing that there is a new disease. There actually isn’t and it’s a hoax. The tests are a total joke, and they admitted up to 90% of them were false. Exactly a year ago, on July 3, 2020, the New York Times published a big article explaining how the tests work, and said that their study found that 90% of positives in multiple states should have been negative.

They asked Fauci about it and he admitted that at a certain cycle rate everyone would test positive for everything because of the way the test works, and then they said they would fix it and there was no serious followup.

What they are obviously doing is adjusting the number of cycles to get the desired results. They wanted to wind them down for the vaxx, but so many people are dying from the vaxx and the easiest thing to do when someone dies from the vaxx is to blame the virus.

Hence, Wall Street Journal from last week:

(We published that story, but for some reason the headline wasn’t “almost half of coronavirus deaths are vaccinated people.”)

What this means is they have to publish fake unvaxxed deaths too just to balance it out, otherwise, in the summer when no one is dying from the flu, it would be 100% vaxxed deaths.

Also, as regards the test: the common cold is a coronavirus, and there is just no way that in this mass testing debacle with the thing up your nose then running hyper cycles that they can parse out which coronavirus is which.

It’s also notable that the inventor of the PCR test, Nobel Prize winner and prominent anti-Anthony Fauci activist Kary Mullis, said that the PCR could not possibly ever be used to test for infection. He died in 2019, and it’s clear that he never changed his position on that issue. Obviously, someone can take something someone else invented and apply it for a different purpose, but this would be a strange case. For context, you can read the abstract of this medical article from 2002 about using PCR to test for bacteria. That is when Mullis was talking about the issue. Certainly, the current testing apparatus is not “avoiding the pitfalls” mentioned in that article.

PCR has never been used on a wide scale to test for anything. Bacteria can easily be seen through other methods, and tests for viruses have never been widely used. (Just look up the so-called “HIV test” for more information on that.)

So there is a good chance that the entire concept of testing for the virus is a hoax. Certainly, the concept of “asymptomatic carriers” is totally new, and that is the entire purpose of the testing regime. Traditionally, the spread of respiratory illness is prevented by people staying home from work or school if they’re sick. In Asia, when a person is sick, they wear a mask.

(Asians also wear masks to avoid pollution because they have high levels of neurosis, including social anxiety disorders. This entire mask concept seems to have come from Asia. Having lived in Asia, the mask thing felt much more familiar to me than I’m sure it did for most people. I first experienced the strange feeling of people wearing masks at the airport in Hong Kong 15 years ago.)

As long as people on Fox News and Breitbart testify that the virus is real and it is important to fight it and it is all just about who has the best strategy to combat it, you end up with a “dems are the real racists” type scenario. People were probably ready to get back to the original claim by the right: “it’s just the flu, bro.” But then the media came out and “admitted” that the alleged virus was from a Chinese lab, and the right jumped right back on board with being all excited about believing it was deadly again. Donald Trump has really played a very negative role in this. Remember that he said “just the flu” in the beginning, then went ape with Fauci and his two million bodies in the street farce.

Things have really taken a bad turn since conservatives jumped on this Wuhan hoax. I have people I know in real life that I have lunch or a drink with once or twice a week that generally listen to what I’m saying enthusiastically but will go nuts defending this Wuhan stuff. The whole thing was framed as this big win for the right and Donald Trump, because the media and government were “forced to admit it.”

Well: who forced them?

No one forced them.

The media and the government are obsessed with shilling this virus and if they can make it fit with people’s ideology they will believe in it.


Editor’s Note: Weird/disjointed articles this morning, I’m aware. I didn’t get much sleep. Normally on a day like this I would feel like just dialing it in – you know, sometimes I just post the news without much comment and just #GETTR done. I work 364 days a year, and have done so for 8 years. So some of the style is going to reflect my mood. For some reason today after not sleeping enough I had a lot of discombobulated energy, and it became a heavy output day. Anyway, just leaving that for the historians that compile all of the “Best of Andrew Anglin” volumes – which will be much longer than the Talmud, by the way. I imagine that I have by now broken many, many records here. The main thing that keeps me going is a belief that after I’m dead, I’ll be widely respected as a creative by the academic establishment. The colleges I dropped out of after boredom and mixed reactions to my writing fuel this site like getting kicked out of art school fueled Adolf Hitler to invade Poland.