The Bitch is Back: A Month After Resigning, Disgusting Retard Greta Thunberg is on the Comeback Trail

In case you forgot, I’ll remind you: a month ago, Greta announced that she was retiring from political agitation pushing a globalist tax scheme to attend school.

Well, now she’s back.

Even mentally retarded women can’t stand it when they’re not the center of attention.


Teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg is back. She joined fellow demonstrators outside the Swedish parliament on Friday to kick off a day of physically distanced global climate protests.

The main hope is, as always, to try to have an impact on the level of awareness and public opinion so that people will start becoming more aware,” the 17-year-old told reporters.

The coronavirus outbreak has prevented the Fridays for Future movement that Thunberg inspired from holding its mass rallies in recent months, lowering its public profile.

Thunberg started her solo protests outside Sweden’s parliament in Stockholm on Aug. 20, 2018. Students around the world soon began following her lead, staging regular large protests, and she was invited to speak to political and business leaders at UN conferences and the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Thunberg’s blunt words to presidents and prime ministers, peppered with scientific facts about the need to urgently cut greenhouse gas emissions, have won her praise and awards but also the occasional criticism and even death threats.

They demand that lawmakers stick to the 2015 landmark Paris climate deal that asks both rich and poor countries to take action to curb the rise in global temperatures that is melting glaciers, raising sea levels and shifting rainfall patterns. It requires governments to present national plans to reduce emissions in order to limit global temperature rise to well below 2 C.

Imagine reading this in a history book:

The UN was scorned by Donald Trump when he pulled out of the suicidally expensive Paris Climate Accords, a fake treaty signed by Barack Obama, so they astroturfed a movement of children whining that they are afraid the world is going to burn up if we don’t all start eating bugs.

The movement was led by a literal retarded mutant girl, who the media said you couldn’t criticize because she’s retarded.

I wish that instead of that boring news segment I just watched, they would have instead played the song “The Bitch is Back” over clips of Greta annoying everyone with her paranoid retard delusions.