The Big Tech Hearing was a Hoax

These are the four most powerful men in America. We’re told that if we just trust them, everything will work out.

The idiotic big tech Congressional hearing on Wednesday was sort of the reverse of the idiotic William Barr Congressional hearing on Tuesday.

At the Barr hearing, you had Democrats roasting a man who has turned out to be a complete shill for their agenda in a true forced circus type atmosphere.

At the tech hearing, you had the politicians, who are all bought and paid for shills for the tech companies, pretending to roast the tech company leaders in an orderly way, in between dramatic speeches like out of a Hollywood movie.

They were the reverse: people with an agenda grilling a shill in the Barr hearing, shills grilling the people that own them in the tech hearing.

Both were pointless displays which will never amount to anything.

The tech hearing was more interesting. The Democrats actually went harder than the Republicans, pushing against the monopoly and consumer-abuse aspect of the tech industry. They had a lot of good points that apparently the Republicans were afraid to make. Still, we know about the “campaign donations” that these people receive.

Like the Republicans, the Democrats were just spouting words to make the goyim think they’re doing something. They’re not doing anything.

What should amount to something, however, is Tucker Carlson grilling the shill Jim Jordan on his ability to fight Google while also being a shill for them.

Here is the Jim Jordan performance at the hearing:

And here is Tucker Carlson asking him how exactly this all works:

Yeah, sure, Jim – you yelled at that Indian. Great. Maybe you hurt his feelings.

We all saw those super dramatic moments.

You really triggered those snowflakes big time when you asked them about cancel culture.

The issue is, we have an election in three months on which the entire fate of Western civilization rests, and we don’t care about that Indian’s feelings. We care about the fact that these companies, which are Democrat companies, have total control over all of our information, and they are using that power to win the election. You people did nothing to stop this. Talking about it, yelling at an Indian – this means absolutely nothing.

These people spent decades and decades acting like talking about problems meant they were doing something about problems. There is no place where it is more obvious that talking is not the same as doing something than this situation right here. There is no one who believes that the tech companies should have the power they have. Again, the Democrats in that committee were going harder than the Republicans, which says that their constituents care about this stuff.

Furthermore, I don’t think anyone but a very fringe minority would support the suppression of free speech that these companies engage in. If you had a referendum that asked: “Should private tech monopolies be required to honor the First Amendment, or should they have the ability to censor anyone they want for any reason or no reason, on a whim?”, then the people would vote 10 to 1 in favor of free speech.

There was never anything standing in the way of the government getting this done. Every other industry in the country is regulated. Yet the single most powerful industry, an industry which is not even involved in competition at this point in history, remains completely and totally unregulated, and a Congressman can go on TV and say, “oh yessiree boy, I agree with you about that, buddy – that’s why I yelled at that guy!” and expect the people to seal-clap for him.

These are the last hours of this country as you know it. The country you grew up in is going to be burned to the ground, and replaced with something you do not recognize. This shifty, shuffling nonsense from these shill Republican politicians is what got us here, so it is fitting that they will shift and shuffle all the way into the inferno.

Trump Threatens Executive Order

President Trump must not have any more faith in these people like Jim Jordan than I do at this point, and he’s getting rightfully antsy. There is literally zero chance that these people are going to do anything about the tech companies censoring Trump supporters, Trump himself or Trump’s son before the election, and without the ability to spread information on the internet, we are in a position that is that much more difficult.

The tech moguls themselves know that as long as they win, they are never going to have to answer for rigging the election. Moreover, the Democrats are going to owe them, and they will be sure to back off of these issues that the Democrats at the hearing were putting forward with regards to anti-trust violations.

So, Trump is doing the only thing he knows how to do – making empty threats.

He’s very right that these people are ALL TALK and NO ACTION, and I wish that this point was driven home more often and better by the conservative media. Every single talk show host on Fox News should be doing what Tucker did to Jim Jordan – bringing on Republican do-nothings and roasting them, explaining in clear language that we don’t care how badass he looked when he was yelling at an Indian, we want something done.

As I explained in great detail in my article on controlled opposition, the responsibility for all of this ultimately lies with the media.

What Trump is very wrong about, however, is the idea that an executive order could do anything about any of this. It cannot. It will be overturned by some rando judge, as is now well-established US government tradition.

Ultimately, there is literally nothing that can be done about this situation. We are just in it. They are going to continue to censor every single Trump supporter on the internet, and we are just going to have to do our best to try to win without access to the internet.

This has to be one of my most inspired memes in some time. Please spread it about.

I don’t really know how to even advise people to campaign, other than by knocking on doors, which I do encourage everyone to do. I don’t know what else there is.

It’s in God’s hands. But America has made the decision to embrace Satan. Maybe we’re going to finally get what we deserve.