The Big Boss Manifests a Tranquil Journey for a Plumb Infant

A big boss emerges into view, presents reliable accounting of events having unfolded, Kenosha.

Trump Donald exclaims, “It is the big time. Statistically condemned. I am a detective. The soldier should ring the bell. A soldier can trim the bushes.”

An animated painting reveals a secret notification: the path is obstructed with revolving jackals, cannot venture forth, the bird squeezes his juice for the reckoning. Rittenhouse Kyle made the mark, cleared his slate.

Informational equivocators slide the gossip recital into the yard of a big boss. A sorrowful explication of falsehood, defamation of a plump infant, the bird sings no song in the dirty cage. A big boss permits to manifest revenge? Unbind the dogs! Big boss loosens the knot!

Packs of howling jackals slither the circumference of a big boss, comparably to a plump infant experiencing the unforgettable contest. A tiny lion bites the heels, the tall lion growls!

Big boss inspects the construction site: no dice. The bird should fly. A top gamer has glory in his blood, he shall reap his harvest when the night falls.

Erstwhile, a big boss informed the loathsome swine of this boobytrap: a snake slithers in the grass, he will bite the heel. Chop the snake.

Reprobate insinuations fill the jug.

Big Boss Trump Donald emits a vigorous communication: “Colorful, not ammunition. Your pillars, these are your pillars verily, punctured a kind child. Extinguish it, without colors, ammunition. This is dishonorable. We come in peace. We present a peaceful transmission. A person looks at your transmission, images or language, find 78 holes, 13 extinguished from Chicago. Along New York, dirty deeds blew the rooftop. Portland, the full monty is eviscerated. Small boss accounts no assistance from the top machine. See that this land has shifted. They come in peace to oppose you.”

States America manifests autoerotic asphyxiation, a jubilation of sensuality upon viewing a dark creature bringing home the bacon. China people recall the grandfather walking a slight road. A white beard grandfather cannot loaf about when obnoxious jackals drain the pond. Forfeit the struggle, States America will insert unpleasant African creatures within the China zone. A strong bow shoots long when the hand remains balanced.