The Bidens Give UN Speech, Vow Destruction of China

The Bidens gave a UN speech and wow.

I miss Donald Trump, man.

At least he was interesting.

These Bidens claimed that they are happy the war in Afghanistan is over because it is going to give them time to focus on how to undermine and destroy the Chinese race.

The Bidens also met with Australia and announced, again, that they are going to destroy the Chinese.

It’s really too much for these people to keep talking about “freedom.” I don’t think anyone can take this seriously at this point. Maybe in the early days of the virus hoax, they could say “oh well, we’re going back to freedom soon.” But at this point, it is clear that this is a permanent hoax. So any claim that Australia is more free than China is farcical, and I don’t really know how anyone can say it without bursting out laughing.

At this point, they should just be honest: “we are going to force the small-eyes to accept hardcore gay anal, child trannies, and rule by women. Their women are also going to be encouraged 24/7 to have sex with the blacks. We need to censor anti-Semitic hatespeech in Chinktopia.”

Everyone either already understands that this is what they are talking about, or doesn’t understand anything at all and won’t be fazed by these sorts of admissions.

I’m just so sick of the lies, man. I’m sick of the fact that the lies are ridiculous.

If Joe Biden said in his UN speech: “It’s time to give the international homosexual community direct access to young, slant-eyed Chinese boys, and it’s time to give African men access to the tight pussies of gook females,” I would literally cheer the honesty.

The Bidens claiming they’re going to invade China to bring them freedom just makes my spleen ache.

Everything is just so dumb and boring.

The Republicans are actually somehow worse.

They’re demanding the Bidens do their war agenda even harder.

Tom Cotton wants to see child trannies in China yesterday. He wants to see Chinese women carrying around little halfbreed niglets NOW.

He can’t wait for tomorrow.

Is Tom Cotton himself a homosexual pedophile?

If not, why is he so concerned about forcing the Chinese to accept child trannies?