The Biden Demands Social Media (And Fox News, Spotify) Silence People Who Disagree with Him

One of the Bidens – or perhaps a CGI deep fake – on Thursday demanded that social media AND news companies ban people for “spreading disinformation.”

At this point, it’s hard to believe they could really be asking for more social media censorship. They are asking for that. But they are probably primarily targeting Fox News, as Tucker Carlson noted last night.

Tucker Carlson is the highest rated news host on television, but he still only has a quarter of the audience of Joe Rogan (above and beyond the most listened to person in America), who has also refused to go along with this Biden virus/vax mania.

Biden’s statements come shortly after a “coalition” of experts demanded that Spotify shut down Joe Rogan.

Spotify paid Joe Rogan $100,000,000 to move off of YouTube and podcast apps onto their platform, so they could force you to download their app (or at least sign-up for their service) to listen to his show. During the switch-over, when Joe’s archive was deleted from YouTube and reuploaded on Spotify, they decided to book burn several episodes, including Alex Jones interviews, and – ironically – some interviews with HIV denialists.

(HIV was the first big virus hoax, the OG virus hoax, also organized by Anthony Fauci, who spread the now obviously moronic disinformation claim that heterosexuals could get AIDS. Like Sars-CoV-2, HIV has never been proved to exist, and it’s never been explained how AIDS is different from GRIDS, which was the original classification of immune system collapse among homosexuals. Just a little side note here.)

I have no idea what Joe’s contract looks like, but he’s had Alex Jones back on since he’s been on Spotify, and he’s continued to do interviews with doctors countering the official narrative on the virus/vax.

He recently did a viral interview with Robert Malone, which the media obsessively condemned.

(Here’s that full interview on BitChute so you don’t have to sign up for the Spotify MLM scam.)

Joe’s also been vocal about personally not taking the vax, and the media insanely accused him of taking “horse paste.”


Joe is an interesting figure, as he’s wavered back and forth between touching forbidden issues and shilling for the establishment. Frankly, I have no idea what is going on with him. I don’t really think he’s “controlled opposition.” He seems to just have two dogs competing for his soul:

  • Chronic low self-esteem
  • A legit desire to understand reality (and do an interesting and different show)

The low self-esteem and his connection to various Hollywood people and “intellectual dark web” gatekeepers seems to be what is keeping him in check on some of these issues, rather than a Spotify contract.

Spotify might be in a position where they don’t have any control over his content, contractually, and they are just dealing with the fact they paid ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS for a guy who the whole entire establishment is calling on them to ban. (That would obviously mean that deleting things from the archive was just a loophole they found and exploited.)

What I can say is that whatever the case, Joe is one of the big ones that the Biden people want silenced.

Along with, obviously, everyone else who disagrees with them in any way at all.

And yes – this is all obviously a violation of the First Amendment. But that is a battle that people should have fought in 2017 when the government allowed every tech company in America to silence me. It’s already just an established precedent that the government can collude with private companies to silence dissidents.