The Best and Truest Pro-Palestine Tweet

Here’s the best Islamic pro-Palestine tweet I’ve seen so far:

It’s almost impossible to believe that this is not a joke.

The numbers from the last few years are difficult to find, and the numbers are always fudged anyway, but to give you some basic idea, here are two maps with 2015 numbers from various official sources:

You can assume that since 2015, those numbers have gone up as much as 35%. If you include people with “foreign background,” i.e., children of immigrants born in Europe, you get triple the numbers in France, Sweden and the UK, and higher numbers in Germany (from Turks).

We’ve gone through the statistics before, but the specific numbers are largely irrelevant. What is relevant is that these people breed at a much higher rate than whites, and therefore they will reach 100% of the population on a long enough timeline.

These Moslems in Europe behave exactly like Jews in Palestine: they create their own closed ghettoes where the national government has no power and national law is not enforced. These ghettoes are a form of colony, and they are expanding.

To understand how nuts this is, imagine that Salah Abdeslam carried out an attack on a French concert hall in Paris on November 13, 2015. He escaped after the massacre, and was not caught until March 13, 2016. Where was he? He was living in an Islamic Molenbeek neighborhood in Brussels, where he’d grown up. And he wasn’t holed up in some apartment – he was just walking around normally, going to shops, visiting friends and family and so on – while he was the most wanted man on earth.

Not one single person in the Islamic neighborhood would turn him in, not one single white person penetrated the area enough to notice him. Granted, it’s maybe hard to just recognize some random guy, but everyone in the neighborhood knew who he was!

Moslems form these colonies across Europe. On and off they commit acts of terrorism, but more importantly, they state openly that they are going to outbreed whites and take over Europe.

This whole situation gets really muddled however when you have white women and Jews inviting them in to form these colonies, and so it gets sort of hard to blame the immigrants themselves.

It’s all just a weird counterintuitive mess, but we know:

  1. Jews stole the land in Palestine, then created a situation of constant war and chaos in the region (which had formerly been a relatively organized empire)
  2. Jews were behind a plot to make Europe “multicultural” by shipping in tens of millions of highly fertile Moslems
  3. Jews are slaughtering people in Palestine in a really brutal and cowardly way that even if you hate Moslems you have to recognize as gross and kind of evil
  4. Jews fund terrorists nonstop, and funded ISIS to attack Syria, then describe it as a “Syrian Civil War” (which was actually a terrorist invasion funded by Jews and not a civil war at all)
  5. Jews (and even the literal Israeli government) funded programs to ship “refugees” from the “Syrian Civil War” into Europe
  6. Under the guise of “Syrian refugees,” millions of people were shipped in from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, North Africa and even black Africa (no one knows the exact numbers, but less than 20% of the 2015 motherload were from Syria)
  7. Jews frame the bombing of Palestine and the killing of children, and thus creating violent extremists all throughout the Islamic world, as “fighting terrorism”
  8. Jews go to the GOP and right-wing parties in Europe and claim that their fight against Palestine is similar to white people’s fight against Moslems (who were shipped into Europe and America by Jews)
  9. Jews funded a fake Bible called the Scofield Reference Bible that says Jews are a sacred race and Christians have to support them
  10. Jews run the campus anti-Israel movements and other BDS (boycott, divest sanction) movements in white countries
  11. Republicans use BDS as an excuse to attack the First Amendment, claiming that people should be forced to buy goods from Israel because Jews are God’s chosen people
  12. The same Jews that call people “white supremacist anti-Semites” for being against immigration promote anti-immigration policies in Israel (see ADL v Tucker Carlson)
  13. The same Moslems who come to white countries and say that white people should support Palestine against Israel also say openly that they are taking over Europe
  14. The two pro-Palestinian Congress Moslimas (Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar) are also the two most virulently anti-white, lining themselves up exactly alongside Jews on every single domestic issue
  15. All Moslems in the West are constantly lined up alongside Jews, working together against white people (CAIR and the ADL are best friends, and sandwich white Christians with a double whammy)
  16. The 911 attacks, with a few extra steps, were organized by the Israeli Mossad (in cooperation with Saudi intelligence)
  17. Moslems all over the world, including and especially in Palestine, celebrated the 911 attacks
  18. Moslems are correct when they say US backing is the only way that Israel is able to continue to fight wars against all of its neighbors
  19. The US gains nothing by supporting Israel (there is no explanation as to why we need a “democracy in the Middle East” when the Middle East oil we import comes from various dictatorships; there is also no explanation as to why we need to buy Islamic oil at all instead of drilling it ourselves and getting it from Canada)
  20. Saudi Arabia is allied with Israel and is the center of the Islamic world, but Moslems do not generally take issue with Saudi Arabia
  21. Violence from both Jews and Moslems is spilling out onto the streets of Western cities, because we allowed Jews in and then Jews brought in Moslems
  22. The US sends billions of dollars to Israel and spends trillions fighting wars for them

So, it’s really a mess. There are all kinds of things that are totally unintuitive. It is a web of lies and scams, carried out by a list of bad actors:

  • Jews
  • Judeo-Christians who want to bring about the apocalypse
  • American leftist race activists who claim Israel is “white supremacist”
  • Palestinians and other regional Moslems (Syrians, Lebanese)
  • Rich Arabs who benefit from Palestinians being oppressed by using that to justify their positions (while also doing deals with the Jews in a not-so-secret way)
  • The Jewish-American media, which frames the situation in confusing terms and purposefully obfuscates for Zionist reasons

I can keep it all straight in my head. Maybe you, the reader of Tranny Watch, can do that, but the average person absolutely cannot keep any of this straight at all – and they shouldn’t be expected to.

In fact, none of this should matter to anyone.

The real conspiracy is making people think this matters: whether you’re on the side of the Jews or on the side of the Palestinians, you’re getting sucked into a stupid, nonsense thing.

The Jews are brutal baby-killers. Pointing to that shows their nature. Comparing the way Jews treat Palestinians to the way they attack whites for just saying they have a right to a homeland is the worst hypocrisy ever in history.

It is instructive the way George Floyd’s death was the most important thing ever in all of human history, but hundreds of dead Palestinian civilians is “a right to self defense.”