The Bends: Woman Stabs Her Infant Daughter to Death to “Fulfill the Last of Her Sins”

People can say “oh well, crazy people have always done crazy things.”

But we all know it was never at this rate.

Of course, no one is keeping track of the statistics on these types of events. But we all know that this virus hoax is pushing people over the edge. We all see the people in our own lives on edge. Probably none of them killed a baby yet – but eventually, someone you know will probably kill a baby.

That is where we’re headed as the government continues to drive people insane on purpose with this apocalyptic Simon Says game that is the coronavirus hoax.

New York Post:

A New Jersey mom who admitted to killing her 5-month old daughter told police she did it in order to “fulfill the last of her sins, murder,” according to court documents.

Kristhie Alcazar, 26, made her first court appearance on Monday after she was charged with murder for stabbing her baby to death at a home in Penns Grove on Friday night. She faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted.

A remorseless Alcazar reportedly told police “she would not change any of the events surrounding the murder,” according to an affidavit, obtained by ABC 6.

She also said she was of “sound mind and body” at the time.

According to the Salem County Prosecutor’s Office, police responded to a call with loud disturbances in the background Friday night.

When police arrived they found Alcazar arguing with another person as well as the body of the dead baby.

The infant had visible stab wounds to her chest, officials said. Multiple knives and evidence were recovered from the scene. The baby’s father was not home at the time of the homicide.

The infant’s cause of death was determined to be a homicide as a result of multiple stab wounds to the chest area.

She is due back in court again on Thursday.

A memorial has grown out front of the apartment building, ABC 6 reported.

“It’s a tragedy,” neighbor Wandy Burgos told the outlet. “She was a nice, nice lady.”

Yeah, I believe she was a nice lady.

Then all of a sudden she snapped and decided to stab her baby to death.

Single mother, of course – something which is also the fault of our Hebrew occupation government.

The masks, the vax, the endless vax regime, the lockdowns, the unbelievable fear of a fake virus and a brutal government, the fact of no conceivable finality to this endless void of progressively mutating nonsense and gibberish – all of this has collapsed the fabric of the social order. The media won’t print “this bitch killed her infant because all of this virus mania drove her insane.” But they will print this:

We also need to consider the increase in demonic activity due to the increase in anal sex and child molestation. When you do anal sex and child molestation – which are now institutionalized in this country – it thins the line between the earth realm and the demon realm. That is a known metaphysical fact.

Why do you think all of these ancient societies – literally all of them – were obsessed with human sacrifice and sex rituals?

They wanted to bring the demonic realm closer so they could extract power from it.

This is not sustainable.

This whole country is a tinderbox ready to blow.

If you thought all of this insane shit wasn’t going to drive everyone insane, then you are the one who is insane.

I wish it was the sixties, I wish we could be happy, I wish that something would happen.

I want to live. I want to be part of the human species.