The Bends: Family Birthday Party Massacre in Colorado – Six Dead

You can claim “this sort of thing has always happened.”

That would be untrue.

Of course it would be true that “this sort of thing has been happening for decades.”

But not at this rate – since the coronavirus hoax began, and really especially over the last 3 months, all of this has intensified.


A gunman opened fire at a birthday party in Colorado, slaying six adults before killing himself Sunday, police said.

The shooting happened just after midnight in a mobile home park on the east side of Colorado Springs, police said.

Officers arrived at a trailer to find six dead adults and a man with serious injuries who died later at a hospital, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

The suspected shooter was the boyfriend of a female victim at the party attended by friends, family and children. He walked inside and opened fire before shooting himself, police said.

The birthday party was for one of the people killed, police said.

Neighbor Yenifer Reyes told The Denver Post she woke to the sound of many gunshots.

“I thought it was a thunderstorm,” Reyes said. “Then I started hearing sirens.”

Police brought children out of the trailer and put them into at least one patrol car, she said, adding that the children were “crying hysterically.”

Authorities say the children, who weren’t hurt in the attack, have been placed with relatives.

Police on Sunday hadn’t released the identities of the shooter or victims. Authorities say a motive wasn’t immediately known.

The motive is “The Bends.”

People are losing touch.

It isn’t clear if it is whites or Indians.

It doesn’t really matter which, in terms of the implications. It wasn’t blacks, so it isn’t business as usual.

Something very bad and very dark is happening to people as a result of the insanity of the coronavirus hoax and the insanity derived from that insanity.

This is a Doom Spiral.

No, that’s not what I – actually, sure. That’s fine.

That’s like a mnemonic device.

We all see it in our lives – we see people becoming unglued. We see wild looks in people’s eyes, we hear weird sentences.

The only way you wouldn’t notice how unglued everyone in America is becoming is if you were yourself becoming completely unglued.

In that case, you would just start ranting about the NRA being responsible for a man randomly deciding to slaughter his girlfriend’s family at a birthday party.

Those who have fallen into the Doom Spiral are going to look for things to cling to and ways to rationalize.

Claiming a gun possesses some kind of psychic energy that causes humans to pick it up and start killing family members isn’t rational, but it does qualify as “rationalization.”

They’re two very different things.

The “guns control people’s behavior” is actually substituting a natural explanation with a supernatural one.

The natural explanation for why someone would pick up a gun and kill a group of people and then himself is that he has gone insane.

But you would then have to ask why he had gone insane.

People who are in the coronavirus Doom Spiral don’t want to admit that the Doom Spiral is going to lead to The Bends.

Refusal to admit the existence of the Doom Spiral empowers the Doom Spiral.

As reality itself decompresses, everyone is going to get The Bends.

This will mean everyone is a ticking time bomb.