The Battle of Los Angeles was NOT an Attack on Donald Trump Jr. or His Aged Cunt GF

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2019

The media is painting the Battle of Los Angeles as an attack on Donald Trump Jr. by virulent Groypers (and Groppers – shout out to all my Groppers out there).

I want to make it clear that this was not an attack on Donald Trump Jr. This was, explicitly, an attack on the Conservative Establishment and the satanic forces that it represents.

Donald Trump Jr. was booed off the stage because he was up on the stage with the head of Turning Point USA, the primary figurehead of an agenda to put Israel First, to celebrate men ramming their penises into other men’s anuses and to flood this country with immigrants from every shithole on the list!

I’m not going to pretend that I care very much about Donald Trump Jr.

I think it was bizarre to watch him up on stage purposefully repeating his father’s mannerisms and hand gestures. Just so you understand, it is normal for someone to repeat their father’s mannerisms. I do this with my dad. Most people do it, if they were exposed to their fathers in their developmental years, because our fathers are our models for how a man is supposed to behave. But Don Jr. didn’t use to do this, at least not to this extent – watching him on Sunday, it was clear that he had literally hired a consultant to hire a speaking coach to teach him how to mimic the speech patterns and mannerisms of his father, right down to a very unique hand gesture.

I also think his old spic girlfriend is an absolute cunt.

I also just in general think it is suspicious and weird when a man dates a woman who is older than him. Especially when he is well within an age group that could be producing children (Trump is 41) and he is dating a woman who is outside of breeding age (PR cunt is 50). I think this relationship is absolutely perverse and an assault on the natural order.

Also – we’re just going to unload here, okay? – he appears to be doing some kind of social signaling by dating a “Latina.” Even though she is half Irish.

I guess you could make a “now you must choose, my son” meme out of these two pictures:


Maybe his wife left him. And maybe he’s like, really bad with women or something, and this old bitch is just taking advantage of him. I don’t know the personal details of his life, I’m just saying it’s a bad look, but I don’t care, it’s not my business.

All that is just whatever.

I was not interested in him and not concerned with him before he came out condoning the anti-Christ agenda of Charlie Kirk.

If he wants to back away from that now – and I assume he will, along with everyone else – then okay, great.

I’ve got no interest in him.

He was caught in the crossfire on Sunday. He was not the target. But that having been said, he probably should have known better than to appear on stage with Charlie Kirk. Someone probably told him “you know that young supporters of your father really hate that guy and view him as a traitor to the revolution, right?”

So I don’t feel bad. And I’m not going to apologize for triggering his disgusting old cunt.

It’s just whatever.

You get what you fucking deserve and so on.

I hope Don Jr. comes around. But he isn’t a figure that matters. He is clearly involved in some kind of weird thing, what with these trained hand gestures, the vile cunt and Charlie Kirk. I don’t know what this weird thing is, and I don’t care.

This is not a game, we’re not out to keep from hurting people’s feelings.

I support the President and I support the 2016 Trump agenda, and I will support anyone who supports that agenda. I’m not interested in helping or protecting anyone who doesn’t support that agenda.