The Barrett Nomination Means Literally Nothing

I think it’s time to sink the joy ship of conservatives, many of whom are under the false impression that we are winning. I take no pleasure in it, but it’s time for people to accept that we are not only losing, our backs are against the wall.

What I don’t want to do is disparage Donald Trump, because he’s the single figure in Republican national politics who actually at least has a desire to do the right thing and will try to do so (even though it rarely works out for him).

Firstly: People can be happy about Ruth Bader Ginsburg dying, they can raise a glass to celebrate Trump successfully getting another judge through (which he probably will do). It’s fine. I’m not speaking of Daily Stormer readers here, who are already pessimistic; I’m addressing what I’ve been witnessing in the larger whole of the conservative movement, the normie movement, where people are basically delusional. Those delusions are hurting us, because they are preventing people from taking action to change things.

Amy Coney Barrett is actually absolutely horrible. The liberal media is lying about her to rile up their own base, but this is not a woman who is going to even try to overturn Roe v. Wade or anything else. She’s horrible because she’s a woman, but her actual record is less than stellar. She is a conservative, but will generally side with existing precedents decided by liberals (the truth is once again the exact opposite of the claim made by the Washington Post today).

Look at this:

Robert Barnes is selective in the cases he’s picking, and she’s also made a lot of decisions the Daily Stormer would agree with, but the fact she has been willing to side with liberals, and she has been willing to promote weird things that aren’t conservative or liberal like the government’s right to force vaccinate, means that she will be willing to do this in the future as well.

But that isn’t really the point I’m trying to make. Even if she was perfect, she wouldn’t change anything on the court, because for whatever reason, the court upholds the status quo. It is already a majority conservative, and Trump’s own judges have been promoting gay anal sex and abortion. Something is happening there – possibly they’re actually being threatened by intelligence agencies, or maybe the threat is implicit, but they are not reversing anything major.

Furthermore, this literally does not matter at all. Democrats are just saying openly now that they’re going to pack the court when they get the chance. So this nomination means absolutely nothing in the long run.

Everything is this bad:

  • The Attorney General refuses to prosecute Antifa
  • The Attorney General is blocking the investigation of Jeffrey Epstein’s death
  • The Attorney General refuses to investigate Barack Obama for running a large scale intelligence operation against the rival party
  • The Attorney General refuses to investigate the Russiagate probe in a way that would lead to people like James Comey, James Clapper and Rod Rosenstein going to prison
  • The head of the FBI says the main problem in America is white people
  • The head of Homeland Security says the main problem in America is white people
  • The head of the FBI is continuing to push the discredited Russian meddling hoax
  • The head of Homeland Security is continuing to push the discredited Russian meddling hoax
  • The Secretary of State is attempting to foment war with Russia
  • The Secretary of State is attempting to foment war with China
  • The Secretary of State is attempting to foment war with Iran
  • The Secretary of State is attempting to foment war with South America
  • The Secretary of State is attempting to force black Africans to have gay anal sex
  • Charlie Kirk wants to bring in 50 million immigrants in 10 years

The list just goes on and on and on.

America has changed drastically under Donald Trump – everything has gotten much worse. That is in no way Trump’s fault. Yes, he could have done a better job, but it’s not like he didn’t want to do a better job. The reason he failed was that the rest of the elected Republican politicians did not support him and his agenda, because they are all shills.

We should have been pushing to remove these people through the primary system, but we didn’t.

Why didn’t we?

Because the direction of the right-wing is driven by the right-wing media, and the right-wing media does nothing but whine about every little thing Democrats are doing to an audience that already hates Democrats.

Virtually every single Republican Congressperson is on the payroll of Google and the rest of Silicon Valley.

Tucker Carlson confronted Ohio’s Jim Jordan about taking money from Google, and he said he didn’t know why Google gave him money.

Tucker explained to him that companies give politicians money because they want them to do things for them, and Jordan appeared scandalized by the revelation.

The US Congress is the bottleneck on everything that is happening. The Congress is the reason that Trump can only have horrible scumbags like Barr, Pompeo and Wolf in his cabinet. We had total Republican control of Congress from 2016 to 2018, and these people did literally nothing. They could have built a wall, they could have totally banned immigration, they could have forced Big Tech to abide by the First Amendment, and they did literally nothing.

They did tax cuts. But hey – if immigrants weren’t taking our jobs, we wouldn’t need tax cuts. We could pay high taxes on much higher wages and still have a lot more money.

If Trump somehow manages to stay in office after this election, then we must get people mobilized and use the primary system in 2022 to remove people like Jim Jordan from office and replace him with someone who will not take money from Google.

If Fox News goes full Democrat, which they seem to be in the process of doing, there will be an opening for a mainstream conservative news outlet that talks about something other than what the DEMON-RATS are doing.