“The Bachelor” Host Fired After 19 Years for Defending a Woman Who Wore a Racist Dress

The host of the show “The Bachelor,” who was the face of the show for 19 years, has been fired after defending a woman who attended a racist party and wore a racist dress while she was in college.

Chris Harrison announced the departure on Instagram on Tuesday.

The reality TV show was pretty much the peak of American decadence, featuring an unmarried man – the titular bachelor – who was theoretically desirable to women. The women would compete in a game show type environment to be chosen by the bachelor for marriage.

There was also a female version, also hosted by Harrison, called The Bachelorette.

Shockingly, no one married on the show got a divorce until 2020.

According to Deadline, he got an 8-figure settlement package that is attached to a nondisclosure agreement. However, people are generally aware that he was fired from the show as part of a woke campaign.

In February of this year, Harrison created a “storm of controversy” when he defended former “Bachelor” contestant Rachael Kirkconnell after photographs were released of her at an Antebellum-styled party in 2018.

The dresses she and other attendees were wearing were styled after the dresses women wore on plantations in the South. This is now racist because slaves worked on these plantations. (It is pure evil to ever reference anything that happened on a plantation.)

In the midst of the attack on Kirkconnell, Harrison appeared on ExtraTV, and basically gave a pretty basic anti-cancel culture statement.

After making those statements, he was attacked as a “defender of racism.”

Many contestants from the show, all colored, signed a joint statement denouncing “defense of racism” and calling for him to be fired, and apparently, he’s been fired.

This has really gotten nuts in terms of what you can be canceled for. This is “racism by proxy” for just saying it was too harsh to destroy someone’s life over a college photo.

It’s an interesting case also, because Harrison wasn’t required to defend her. He volunteered, apparently out of a personal moral imperative, to go out and say he thought people were going too far. So this is sending a message: don’t ever defend anyone or you’ll be in the same sinking boat as them.

Harrison hired a good lawyer, and it’s great if he really walked away with 8 figures.

The other message of course – and we’ve been getting this one for a while – is that it doesn’t matter if you are actually racist or not. This woman is a stupid bitch, and obviously didn’t wear an Antebellum-style dress to send the message “I hate niggers.” She was almost certainly unaware of any connection to plantations.

Southerners at the time were attempting to establish some kind of new feudal aristocracy in the jungles of the American South, and they had pretty ostentatious aesthetic taste in terms of their architecture, art and fashion.

The women’s dresses of the period were a lot of fun.

It’s not difficult to see why women in current year would think it is fun to dress up like this, without having a sense of hatred for black people.

Before February of 2021, I don’t think anyone ever thought of condemning this as racist. In fact, connecting these two things is insane, and it just shows that these culture-controllers have a desire to keep every white person on earth walking on egg shells, afraid of crossing over some invisible line of racism.

The single reason you would promote a “racist fashion” conspiracy theory and destroy people’s lives over it is if you want to make everyone paranoid. It’s not about protecting black people’s feelings. No black person ever thought to condemn these dresses – some Jew came up with this idea, and then stirred up a bunch of blacks by telling them “that dress means she wants to steal your rights and kill you because she hates your skin color.”

Possibly the funniest thing here is that Kirkconnell won the show – and ended up with a black guy.

They didn’t get married (apparently that is not part of the contract), but they did date for years after the show.

Most white women do not date black men, so she is in a relatively small minority of white women who can claim to be completely not racist.

But she was condemned as a racist because of a dress, and a popular TV host was fired after two decades for saying he didn’t think she was a racist.