The Axios Experiment was a Smashing Success, And I Dare Any Fake News Journalist to Repeat It

On Tuesday, I wrote 13 articles, totaling 5,699 words, in the style of the website Axios. This is approximately equal to a day’s worth of articles by the entire staff of that website, and I believe I kept my quality at the same or higher level than that site. I did this using the day’s news, entirely within my standard 10-hour Tuesday shift.

What that means is that I am singlehandedly capable of running a multimillion dollar website which has dozens of staff members. I am impressed with myself, and once again distraught by the fact that I am incapable of making money or promoting my material, due to the attacks I’ve experienced from the Jews.

For posterity, I’ve collected the 13 articles here, in this single article:

  1. Nevada Court Throws Out the Results of County Commission Race Because of Fraud
  2. Jewish “Conservative” Controlled Opposition Author’s Book Banned for “Transphobia”
  3. More Absurd Fraud: Californians are Planning to Move to Georgia to Vote in Runoff Senate Election
  4. Mommy Governors Issuing Insane, Tyrannical New Lockdown Decrees
  5. America First: Donald Trump Ordering the Withdrawal of Many Soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq
  6. “I’ll Call My Dad!” – Female German Defense Minister Says Europe Can’t Protect Itself Without US
  7. CDC Discovers Dangerous Rat Virus in Bolivia – Allegedly
  8. The UN Warns of a “Famine of Biblical Proportions” Sweeping Much of the Third World
  9. Western Intelligence: Putin Meant to Kill Navalny – But He Goofed!
  10. Bird-Hating EU to Massively Increase Offshore Wind Farms
  11. After Mockery, Jake Tapper Deletes Tweet Bragging About How He “Survived” the Election
  12. Arkansas: Cowardly Cop Goes to Wrong House, Shoots Homeowner’s Small Dog
  13. Tucker Carlson Calls Out the Great Reset, Says Lockdowns are a Globalist Conspiracy!

Bizarrely, several people complained to me about the use of this style on Tuesday, apparently under the impression that I had all of a sudden changed the entire writing style of the site permanently. I would have thought it obvious that this was not permanent, and was simply a fun experiment.

However, as I’ve seen that the audience is so strongly against it, I am thinking about making it permanent, in order to punish the audience, which is disrespectful, entitled, rude, and completely ungrateful. In one word, I would describe the readership as “scumbags.”

This style of pointless, condescending bullet points and childishly simple sentences is dehumanizing to the reader, which is exactly what the Daily Stormer readership deserves.

Frankly, I do not believe the due credit is given to me. I would challenge any single fake news journalist to produce 13 Axios-style articles in one day. Frankly, none of them would be capable. What’s more, there is more truth on this website than any other website on the internet (most of them truths that are unavailable on any other website), and I have continually, over the years, made predictions about the course of society which have proved true.

Just this year, I was not only the first person calling the coronavirus a hoax, I was the only person saying that the lockdown agenda would last for years. Many people emailed or messaged me and said that I would look like a fool for claiming that there would be a second lockdown in the fall, and yet here we are.

What I do on this site is something that no one has ever done before in history, and I should get much more respect than I do.

Going deeper: What I will say is that I do agree with the Axios philosophy that articles tend to have too many words, including details that are of zero consequence, and that this is an antiquated style of journalism that doesn’t really serve modern audiences. The quoting system that we use on this site allows for the removal of unnecessary details, but I still feel that our news articles include too many words. I am going to incorporate some of the things I learned during the Axios Experiment into my daily writing going forward.