The Australian Newspaper Targets Daily Stormer for Nazifying Oz

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2015

MkHtzCRZTQ-6Global tyrant of Jew media, Rupert Murdoch, has instructed his zombie hacks at The Australian to take aim at Daily Stormer.

Jewpert is scared that Whites will genocide all the Third World sewage being sent to replace true Aussies in the so-called lucky country. To forestall a holocaust taking place down under he has confiscated journalist John Lyon’s hair weave until he writes enough anti-patriot smears so that Whites will go back to being complacently out-bred.

This is what happens when you write lies for a living. Your hair falls out.
This is what happens when you write lies for a living. Your hair falls out.

That is why the nose of Australian journalism is growing longer and longer with each attack on the patriot movement.

Since last month’s Australia-wide Reclaim Australia rallies, the lies have flowed thick and mucky. Firstly, they made up massive porkies about death threats to a socialist party leader and Victorian councillor named Stephen Jolly; Jew rocker Jimmy Barnes condemned the movement for using his crappy music; then they built a whole anti-racist narrative around millionaire Abo footballer Adam Goodes for having his feels hurt by Australian Rules fans who booed him for being a dick.

Now it seems Daily Stormer publisher and noted anime fanatic Andrew Anglin is apparently guilty of forcing Australians to join the Reclaim Australia movement.

Yes, that’s right, Andrew Anglin is the new fuhrer of Australia and he doesn’t even have an Aussie accent, much less drink Foster’s.

The Lyons wally writes:

Australian-based groups are using The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist website that takes its name from the Nazi propaganda newspaper, Der Sturmer An investigation by The Weekend Australian into Reclaim Australia has found neo-Nazi groups, including Squadron 88, are attempt­ing to infiltrate the movement. Squadron 88, based in Sydney’s inner west, takes its name from H, the eighth letter of the alphabet, as shorthand for “Heil Hitler”.

On July 17, four neo-Nazis from Squadron 88 boarded a bus of activists travelling from Sydney to Melbourne for a Reclaim Australia rally. Two were forced off the bus by organisers along the way, while two made it to Melbourne.

Last month Squadron 88 distributed an anti-Semitic leaflet in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Police are concerned overseas neo-Nazi groups, such as those involved with The Daily Stormer, are trying to hijack the Reclaim movement.

One article on that website says: “The people that you’ll find at Reclaim Australia are very valuable to us in the long term, white man … They may not have identified the Jewish virus just yet, but they’re on the right track and, with our guidance, they can be turned into hardcore Nazis.”

When told of this material, Tony Abbott told The Weekend Australian: “Neo-Nazism is abso­lutely abhorrent.”

And who in Hades is Squadron 88, you may ask? Well, they’ve got about as much to do with the kosher conservative Reclaim Australia movement as Stephen Hawking has to do with line dancing. Moreover, Squadron 88 are little more than a bottom burp in the underpants of Australian nationalism. A motley assortment of about five or six Hollywood Nazis looking for a Russell Crowe to lead them, they are the Nigel No Friends of White Nationalism in Australia, thanks to what an Aussie source cites as their “uncanny ability to embarrass the movement in just about everything they do.”

Footage even surfaced of what an Australian nationalist identified as a senior S88 member “running like a chick being raped” when he got his dream of facing down Antifa at Sydney’s leg of the RA rallies last month while his mate just bobbed along unnoticed by the crowd.

The new fuhrer of Australia waves for a Foster's flavoured Gelato.
The new fuhrer of Australia waves for a Foster’s flavoured Gelato.

Given all this, it’s fair to say that The Australian is guilty of  presenting a dwarf and calling it a giant. And both News Corps and Fairfax have based most of their reporting on the say-so of one ex mental-patient who decapitated his own cat, James Gilhome, as reported here on July 17.

It is true that members of S88 attempted to hitch themselves to the Reclaim Australia wagon, as so many others do, but they were booted off the coach en-route to Melbourne from Sydney. Thereafter, organisers of the rally released videos and statements to their supporters disabusing any link with the likes of Squadron 88. In doing so, they also demonstrated that they are big fans of Israel, and think the only problem facing anyone are Muslims and Nazis.

See, Squadron 88 are, from all Aussie reports, largely a myth, and none more so than among themselves.

However, for all he gets wrong in his bumbling egghead fashion, The Australian’s chrome-domed reporter John Lyons came very close to being upgraded from “retard” to “dufus”. He drew the inevitable connection between Daily Stormer and the kosher Yiddish-backed Reclaim Australia movement. Andrew Anglin, who moonlights as Hitler’s Australian reincarnation, is industriously boosting the numbers of that movement, because Daily Stormer is noted for wanting to do all it can to help the Jew dupe the White race into supporting it.

The  REAL Squadron 88 leader and his crew.
The REAL Squadron 88 leader and his crew.

Thus, Andrew has been secretly using his Daily Stormer website to recruit for Reclaim Australia, which he can’t deny, since it says so in an Australian newspaper called The Australian.

The use of The Daily Stormer website to raise support for the rallies­ highlights the deep divis­ions within the movement. The site refers to “feral Muslim hordes who have invaded Australia” and says Muslims have converted Aborigines — “worthless 60-IQ subhuman abos” — to Islam.

“Do you want to fight in the first stages of the race war?’’ it asks. “Then you need to show up at one of these (Reclaim Australia) rallies­.”

The site’s publisher, Andrew­ Anglin, said that the internet was being used to create an “anti-invasi­on community” which “acts as a type of support group for abuse victims”.

All in all, however, the paper has done Australian nationalism a big favour. It has given Reclaim Australia no choice but to finally declare their independence from any evil Nazis who want to kill the six-million-Jews and who make up their ranks, and allowed true nationalists the freedom to reach those not fooled by the illusion of patriot flag waving.

Oh, and it’s proven that the machinery of the state and media are truly shitting themselves that Australians are waking up one way or another to the massive lies of diversity that they’re being forced to choke on while they become a minority in their own land.