The Aurora Games: All-Women’s Sports Festival has Been a Massive Failure

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 25, 2019

The Aurora Games drew little interest from the general public.

Over the past few days, an all-women’s sports festival has been taking place in upstate New York. You may not have heard of this event because it has been a massive failure and an embarrassment for women’s sports in general.

Hilariously, a feminist sports writer in the UK named Fiona Tomas criticized the event for pushing an overly “feminized” image. But even she was forced to report on the event’s main failings. Namely, the fact that barely anybody showed up to watch this debacle.

The Telegraph:

However, poor crowd attendances and eerily empty fan zones have marred this platform for women’s sport. The gymnastics – arguably the biggest draw of the six sports – has struggled to attract sell-out crowds, despite Simone Biles’ mind-boggling ‘triple-double’ still fresh in the nation’s consciousness, while concerns were raised that the equipment, including the floor carpet – believed to be installed over an ice rink – were wet. The result? A barrage of warped opinions on women’s sport and its credibility. One male Twitter user likened the event to a “mini-Olympics for females” (newsflash: women have been competing in the Olympic Games since 1900). Another said it was like “eating a bag of potato chips instead of a real dinner.”

The event’s poor turnout is synonymous with the constant battle women’s sport faces to get bums on seats. Even the World Cup wasn’t immune to this low-crowd pandemic, with only 13,188 fans attending England’s group game against Scotland not even filling half of the Stade de Nice capacity. If women’s sport is to thrive, it needs to be accessible. A quick Google of the ticket prices show the best seats to watch the volleyball session on Sunday cost up to £105 (quick – there’s still time if I’ve just tempted you!) while an under-12 child ticket for Saturday’s figure skating could set a parent back by up to £30.

And guess who put together this event?

Among the mish-mash of sports, three of the six are overtly more feminine and this prompts scepticism. Figure skating warranted its place courtesy of the event’s organiser, Jerry Solomon, being the husband of former figure skating champion Nancy Kerrigan. But why beach volleyball and gymnastics? Yes, these sports are entertaining in their own right, but inadvertently give rise to a sinking feeling that this might be about pushing a more ‘feminised’ image of women’s sport, subverting to the male gaze, than genuinely championing sport for women.

Yeah, it was organized by a Jew by the name of Jerry Solomon. Imagine my shock to learn of this news.

But the reason why this event has been such a failure has less to do with its supposed “feminized” image or ticket prices. It has to do with the fact that women’s sports are far less interesting to the general public. No matter the sport, you will always find large numbers of men who are able to outperform the top women. Women’s sports are an over hyped novelty and even that is a generous description.

All you have to do is compare the amount of money that women’s sporting events bring in versus the amount of money that men’s sporting events bring in. There is an enormous gap between the two.

Despite demands for “equal pay” by the feminist skanks of the United States women’s soccer team, FIFA’s Women’s World Cup tournament brings in only a fraction of the revenue that the FIFA Men’s World Cup tournament brings in.

Typical fan attendance for a WNBA game.

And then we have the women’s professional basketball league known as the WNBA. Adam Silver, the Jewish commissioner of the NBA, recently admitted that the WNBA has lost around $10 million a year over the 22 years the league has been in operation. The fact that they don’t care that the league has lost this much money proves that they are more interested in using the league as a means to promote feminism and lesbianism to young girls.

It’s comical that Jews are trying to push women’s sports down our throats like this. Especially when you consider that people are losing interest in men’s sports. Empty seats are plaguing many of the major professional sports leagues and this phenomenon is not going away.

But these Jews seem to be more interested in subsidizing women’s sports to push as much feminist propaganda as possible. They don’t seem to care if they lose millions of shekels in the process. Kiking the goyim with feminism is a higher priority for them apparently.

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