The Atlantic Claims Beards = “White Supremacy”

Daily Stormer
January 25, 2014

A typical bearded racist.
A typical bearded racist.

Though founded by such romantic gentiles as Emerson and Longfellow, the Atlantic was long ago taken over by Jews.

Presently, though slightly more pretentiously “intellectual,” the Atlantic is only one step above Huffington Post or MSNBC, in that it is so ridiculously liberal, that it is nearly impossible to tell their serious articles from satirical articles mocking liberalism.

Recently, the magazine claimed that beards are a “symbol of White supremacy.”

From the article entitled “The Racially Fraught History of the American Beard“:

With 2013 behind us, let me declare what many already know: Last year will go down as the Year of Men’s Grooming. From flamboyant beards to the proliferation of “old-fashioned” shops, evidence of the trend abounds, embracing groups as diverse as the Boston Red Sox, the men of Movember, and the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty. In dens of hipsterdom, one can hardly throw a PBR without hitting a waxed moustache. And the online craft marketplace Etsy now sells a limitless variety of wares imprinted with images of mustaches, fromwine glasses to electrical outlets.

This is not the first time in recent memory that American men have sprouted facial hair in great numbers. The 1960s bristled with sideburns and beards—pared down, in the 1970s, to the decade’s iconic mustache. But one characteristic distinguishes this revival from previous ones: Today’s facial-hair enthusiasts share an affection for the ornate practices of the 1800s—the exuberant beards and ostentatious moustaches, as well as the elegance and “manliness” of the shops where those styles were cultivated.

What follows is the lost story of American facial hair. Like countless other histories, it is rife with contradictions. It begins with white Americans at the time of the Revolution who derided barbering as the work of “inferiors.” It continues with black entrepreneurs who turned it into a source of wealth and prestige. And it concludes with the advent of the beard — a fashion born out of desperation but transformed into a symbol of masculine authority and white supremacy.

The long, boring article then goes on to explain to us dullards the history of the black barber shop, and how terribly oppressed these poor Negros were, and how somehow the rise of scientific racism put them all out of work.  It is then suggested that, because only White men tend to be able to grow good beards (Arabs are not mentioned), having one at all is racist, showing one’s intent to distinguish one’s self from those lesser men who lack the ability to grow beards.

Finally, the article concludes that wearing a beard also means you hate women, and oppose their rights.

The idea that shaving amounts to a form of transvestitism has always interested me, and this article backed that up.

All in all, it made me want to grow a beard.