The Anti-American Traitors Who Voted to Remove Heroic Warrior Marjorie Taylor Greene

It wasn’t just the sickening and evil Jew-controlled Democrats who voted to remove the heroic CrossFit warrior and incredible patriot¬†Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committees.

There were Republicans who also betrayed this country. We should remember who these people are, because they are literally no different than Democrats.

Here’s the list:

Although I think voting is over anyway, and I no longer endorse the concept of voting, we are going to have to move forward in some kind of political manner, and we need to remember the people who will stab us in the back.

All of these 11 House Republicans stabbed us in the back, the first chance they got.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is now the total leader of the right-wing, and anyone who questions that needs to be listed on lists for future reference.