The Anglo-Saxon: The Most Creative and the Most Psychologically Fragile

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 5, 2015

Note: This article has, for various reasons, enraged people in the comments section and on other places on the internet.  I didn’t realize that it would be so controversial.  I typed it up rather quickly, just to give some insight into the on-going child-rape crisis in England, and to provide some moral support for the English people in these darkest of days.  This was not meant to be an attack on other Whites, which I thought would have been made clear in that I include that on the issue of the invasion, English are less capable of dealing than other Whites. Clearly, there are cultural differences between White nations which result in various differing strengths and weaknesses, and I had not imagined there would be a problem in pointing this out.  I apologize to those who were offended by it, it was in no way intended to cause division.

Yeah but why so multiculture tho?
Yeah but why so multiculture tho?

The Anglo-Saxon is by far the most creative and accomplished creature in Europe.  And yet, he is the one who has failed most terribly in attempting to cope with the modern world.  As we saw with Sargon of Cuckad, Anglos have developed a culture where even when you are on the edge of the accepted norm, you still are demanding your gets get gang-raped and trafficked by Pakis because it would be immoral to defend your country.

I’ll note here that though I am a bit mixed, with some Celtic and Germanic blood, I personally identify as Anglo, and feel more intrinsically connected to British people than any other European group.

The connection between historic accomplishment and the present process of racial suicide is, of course, individualism.  Northern peoples are the most likely to desire to build things as individuals, and they are also the most likely to desire to view others within foreign collectives as individuals.  Thus, you can have hundreds of Pakis engaging in mass child-rape, and you can excuse them as a collective because “not every single one is a child-rapist.”

An ancient Anglo-Saxon Swastika
An ancient Anglo-Saxon Swastika

Now, obviously it wasn’t always like this.  Anglos fought wars – including putting up a pretty good fight against William the Conqueror – to defend themselves from outside forces.  So it isn’t to say that the Anglo is incapable of holding a collective identity, it is simply to say that due to psychological differences which stem from evolutionary adaptations, he is the being most volatile to the Jewish system of multiculturalism which strips the White man of his collective identity through a process of deep alienation of the individual.

The Only Solution

The clear and singular solution to the problem of Anglo vulnerability to social alienation is to use this natural creativity to compensate for the weakness.  Southern Europeans and Slavs, collectivism is maintained subconsciously through family structure and the biologically default social behavior patterns, even in the face of Jewish subversion.  The Anglo-Saxon must consciously formulate a creative way to re-establish social unity.

I don’t know the exact details of how this should be done, but I do know that it must be by defining the other as an other.  The Jewish Overmind – which is the term I have coined for the collective Jewish consciousness which dictates the social norms of nations they rule over – is constantly trying to suppress the concept of an other.  This is why they won’t publicize Rotherham or any of the subsequent Paki child-rape scandals any more than they have to, and why they shove these dumb Moslem whores who packed-up to go screw ISIS in your face 24 hours a day for days on end, calling them “British” and saying they are “our girls.”  They are constantly in process of reforming you thoughts, because even given the Anglo tendency toward individualism, if the programming were to cease Brits would return to a collectivist psychology with regards to these hordes.

Why I believe the Daily Stormer is special – there are a lot of reasons, but this is the most important – is that we continually stress the differences between us and these non-White hordes, continually stress the idea that in order to survive, we must come together as one and hold a collective identity.

That needs to always be the focus.  It is the only thing that can save any of our countries, but it is Northern Europeans and Americans who need it the most.

Remember who you are.
Remember who you are.

Feel your pulse, Anglo-Saxon, and know that that blood pumping through your veins is the same blood which pumped through the veins of some of the greatest warriors who ever lived.

And Rise.

Hail Victory.