The American Race and the Fate of the World

Clement Pulaski
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2014

Previous generations of Americans conquered the savage hordes. The same task now awaits us again.

Although we are often told that America is a “proposition nation”, or a “nation of immigrants”, in reality there is such a thing as the American race. We are of course a young race compared to the nations of Europe, but we are still a distinct ethnic group with a unique history and a unique destiny.

Those who promote the idea of a “multicultural” America would challenge us to produce a definition of what a true American is. In response, we say that a true American is someone who can look at the Founding Fathers and not be at all offended that they held Negro slaves; someone who can look at the war between the United States and Mexico, and not feel the least fleeting bit of sympathy for the Mexicans; someone who can read about the clashes between White pioneers and Indians and root wholeheartedly for the American side; someone who can think about the legal restrictions put on Oriental laborers in the American West and not feel the slightest bit of injustice; someone who can look back at America’s public religiosity and not feel that his own faith was unfairly excluded.

In short, a true American is someone who can contemplate the essence of Americanism–the spread of White Christian civilization in a savage wilderness–and support it with all of his being; someone who does not see himself as an oppressed minority at any stage of American history.

Following this definition, we can see that “Americans” of African, Mexican, Indian, Chinese or Jewish descent are excluded from the American race. The sympathy of blood and ancestry is too strong, and prevents these non-whites from ever affirming genuine, original Americanism with all of their heart and soul. Members of these races will always view America as a flawed nation up until the point when their own particular group was fully included.

Furthermore, when one considers the amazing success and power that America has enjoyed, it is obvious that every uniquely American trait has been found exclusively among White Christian Americans. American ingenuity, the love of liberty, the pioneer spirit, the work ethic, these are not characteristics of non-white “Americans”. Simply giving freedom and the American Constitution to groups of non-whites does not automatically grant them the virtues and strengths that have turned America into the world’s most powerful nation.

Having defined the American race, we come to the question of this race’s fundamental importance to the fate of the entire world.

America remains the world’s sole superpower. Our nation began as a small group of pioneers struggling to survive in a harsh environment, but from these humble beginnings we grew into a dominant force. Our military and economic might, which was built and maintained by the efforts of true Americans, make us the decisive factor in international affairs.

But how is this immense power and influence of the American race being used today?

True Americans are strongly opposed to the policies of radical leftists who wish to build a one-world government where sodomy, abortion and wealth redistribution are enshrined as “human rights”. But the political impotence of White Americans has led to our government and our tax dollars going towards furthering this radical leftist agenda at home and abroad. Our own effort and sacrifice is being used to destroy us and everything we hold dear.

Why do we put up with this? Why to do we, the sole source of American power, allow this power to be used against us and harm our interests?

The answer is found in the complete corruption of our society by the Jews. Americans foolishly allowed Jews to enter the country in large numbers beginning in the late 19th century, and in repayment for our kindness, the Jews have aggressively organized to gain control of our media and educational systems, and have used this power to destroy the host that has showed them such tolerance and friendship.

Under Jewish control, the American race is like a chained animal, forced to perform for its master. We, who are the most powerful nation on earth, are made to live like helpless slaves. We are disgusted by every effort of the left and the colored masses to destroy traditional Americanism, but at every step of the way we are laughed at and insulted because of our beliefs. In the country that we built, the Jews and other non-whites live more comfortably than they ever have elsewhere, and in return they mock us and demand the destruction of our way of life.

Our assent to Jewish power is the only reason why degenerate, leftist ideas have any success anywhere in the world. We have the power to control the course of global events, but instead we allow ourselves to be trampled underfoot in our own homes and communities.

We, the American race, the sleeping giant of the world, must awaken and drive out the anti-American forces of Jewry. If we do not do so, we will lose everything. The fate not just of our country, but of the entire world rests on this one question: can Americans throw off the Jewish yoke and once again fight for White Christian civilization.

May America rediscover her destiny.