The Amazon Model: This is the Future of Wage Serfdom

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2018

I don’t know how bad Amazon really is to its workers. I’ve heard extreme stories of workers being forced to wear diapers because there were no bathroom breaks though.

And I’ve heard of workers being kept on an electronic leash that monitors whether they work or not like something from a dystopian movie.

Seems a bit extreme. But is it really proof of negligence or the opposite – company responsibility? Perhaps the diaper thing was just Amazon wanting to help workers who were constantly sharting in the workplace.

Who knows. 

But there are strikes planned, so we should factor that in.


Amazon warehouse workers are set to protest ‘inhuman’ working conditions in planned demonstrations across Europe on Black Friday.

Hundreds of Amazon employees are working with the British trade union GMB and planning to gather outside five of the website’s fulfillment centers on Friday. Meanwhile, in Italy and Spain, a 24-hour strike is planned.

I knew the economy was bad, and I never believed anyone (even anyone ostensibly on my side) that insisted the job situation was improving in the West, but surely there are alternatives to working in Bezos’ slave factory?

The biggest of the UK demonstrations is arranged for Rugeley, near Birmingham, where more than 100 workers and GMB members are expected to show up. The UK’s shadow work and pensions minister, Jack Dromey, is also expected to speak at a rally following the protest.

GMB spokesman Tim Roache told Business Insider that the workers were not trying to disrupt Black Friday sales, but simply attempting to raise awareness about the “frankly inhuman” working conditions. The goal, he said is to “get Amazon around the table” for workers’ voices to be heard.

People are “breaking bones, being knocked unconscious, and being taken away in ambulances,” he said.

It’s a shame that strikes and unions don’t work anymore. 

When millions of third worlders are imported annually, you have plenty of eager and willing scabs.

And I know that this point has been done half to death, but it’s so true that I just can’t resist hammering it home. Open borders for capital and workers was the greatest accomplishment that the capitalists engineered in the last 50 years.

They broke the unions and the workers decades ago. The rest has just been a slow downward spiral into wearing diapers at work because you’re a wage serf and your yenta boss is constantly breathing down your neck.

Both Communism and Capitalism drive the value of labor down to zero eventually.

That being said, who can live life anymore without Amazon Prime? It would mean having to actually venture out of the house and see all the freaks and brown people everywhere.

I’d rather keep fueling Bezos’ empire rather than actually have to deal with the diversity tbh.

I do this, even though I know that Bezos is funding the takeover of my country by these same brown masses of lumpenproles.

It’s a real Catch-22, innit? 

Worse, I can’t even sympathize with the workers working for slave wages. Most of them are lefties because they still believe that the left cares about the worker.

The left doesn’t.

See, the left sold out on worker rights, disappointed that most workers just weren’t that into their whole class struggle theories and were natural conservatives and reactionaries by default. So the left gave up and moved onto sexual liberation sometime in the late 70s.

Fag parades and bike-sharing became the rallying cry of the left, and worker rights were left by the wayside.

The right, enamored with free market libertardianism, never stepped in to plug that gap. And so many of these workers, who look to be mostly old people and women, they still think that the left is on their side.

So I can support them, and express my sympathy for their plight… but I’d just get called a Nazi for my efforts, really.

All in all, what can I do but shrug?

My generation wouldn’t be caught dead working in a Bezos factory, no matter how bad things got.

If we get poor, we don’t pull on our bootstraps, we just drop out of society, live with our friends or stay in the basement consuming all the free things that the internet has to offer.

Even living on the street is fine, tbh, as long as you’ve got a place to charge your devices and a helmet for protection.

Whatever is left of the Western working class is going to have to muddle through the late stages of Cannibalistic Capitalism without us.

We’re already checked out and locked and loaded for the Race War.