Wolfhelm Odinrider
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2017

It’s time for a lesson in what it means to be a TRUE NATIONAL SOCIALIST.

It’s not Alt-Right.

The Alt-Right is a placeplace for homos, race-mixers and little MGTOW cowards who need “white sharia” to try and control their women, because they fear the feminine spirit being unleashed.

The Alt-Right has its roots in “civilization” – that is, 1500 years of Christian civilization, and then before that, the equally misogynist “pagan” civilizations of Rome and Greece. All of that was a complete joke, and they never accomplished anything because they oppressed women.

TRUE NATIONAL SOCIALISM on the other hand has its roots in ancient Germanic paganism, which is the real paganism. These people worshiped the goddess and knew that without the female force monitoring, controlling and micromanaging society, the white race would be destroyed.

Christianity is a Semitic (JEWISH) religion, and the TRUE NS believers know that somehow “pagan” Rome and Greece were also just Jewish constructs for some reason. Because you know who is against the liberation of women? JEWS.

The one good thing that the Jews did in the last 70 years was liberate women, bringing us back to our pagan roots – our real pagan roots, not the fake JEWISH paganism of Rome and Greece.

In TRUE NS GERMAN PAGANISM, according to any book you can find on the topic in Amazon’s New Age book section, worshiped the female, and women were just allowed to run around having sex with any man they wanted. It was only Christianity (and said Roman and Greek fake pagans) who said that women should remain virgins until marriage. The TRUE NS pagans knew that it was a woman’s right to have any man she wanted, and that is what led to healthy heathen families.

If we really want to get women into the movement so they can run it for us and boss us around, we need to throw out this Alt-Right stuff and embrace TRUE NS.

Sure, it might not be popular – but what does being popular have to do with politics?

The real purpose of politics is to uphold values and principles. And to make people feel like they are unique and special because of things they post on the internet. And no, that isn’t “autism” – it is simply following the real true values and principles of TRUE NS.

You want to be a successful political movement? Join the Republican Party then.

TRUE NS is about playing a pretend game on the internet where you create a fake personality and lie about your life in order to try and impress women you will never meet in real life. That is the real, hardcore truth that the Alt-Right is so afraid to admit, as they march around with MILO and have gay sex.

It takes a real man to decide that he is going to be ruled over and controlled by women, in the TRUE NS pagan system.

Little MGTOW boys and their white sharia will never understand that.

So I ask that you stand with me, the real pagan TRUE NS, and help me to bring in women to the values of HEATHEN ARYAN MOTHERHOOD.

National Socialism isn’t a game, and it isn’t about having a political movement. It’s something much bigger. It’s about being edgy on the internet, and rebelling for the sake of making yourself feel special because you have absolutely nothing else going on in your life.

That is the only way that the GODESS will be restored.

If you want to learn more about this, please checkout this images of TRUE NS paid Slavic fashion models from a tumblr blog I found.

Paid Slavic fashion models prove that women are not only intelligent, but they should be in charge. As our equals. It is sickening to me that people ban women from their book clubs and Discord channels. After all, without the females, how are we going to have white babies?

We need to put them in charge of us. CIS males need to learn to shut up, and let women speak.

Only women can really lead us into the movement that we need: TRUE NS PAGAN FEMINISM CONTROLLED BY SHIELD MAIDENS.

No women will join our cause if we say we’ll take their freedom away.

We have to give women MORE freedom than they already have if we want them to become TRUE NS SHIELD MAIDENS.