The Alt-Right Just Stopped the Caravandals From Sacking New Rome!

Fash McQueen
Daily Stormer
April 5, 2018

As Andrew Anglin often says — The Daily Stormer is a news site, not a “movement” site.

But what happens when our movement is the news?

Gee, I wonder who the SPLC could possibly be referring to by “Troll Army.”

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And now…

Make no mistake, the Alt-Right did this.

Trump is taking action because The Alt-Right took action.

There is a straight-line cause and effect here.

Mike Enoch reached out to everyone in his rolodex and rallied the troops of the TRS Forum – and Andrew Anglin put out a call to action at the Daily Stormer.

Men of agency answered the call and launched into action.

We did this.


Not only did we do it by calling and writing the White House ourselves, but we did it by moving the NormieCon masses into action. Which moved Trump into action.

Our guys generated Normie-tier memes for maximum saturation into the NormieCon sphere.

We flooded social media and comment sections and turned this situation into a full-blown crisis by enflaming the masses and focusing their rage in one single direction. The Caravan.

The only reason that you’re not seeing headline after headline about the Alt-Right stopping this invasion is because the Jews have been trying to run with the narrative that the Alt-Right is dead ever since the cuckbox broke — and even before.

The Jews can’t suddenly change their headlines overnight from saying “Haha! The Alt-Right is Dead!” to “Oh Shit! The Alt-Right Just Stopped a Foreign Invasion of America!”

That would expose the fact that the subversive kikes have been lying about the Alt-Right for weeks in order to gaslight Normies and black-pill members of the Alt-Right.

What Happened

A few days ago, a BuzzFeed spic made the mistake of alerting people to a Caravan of genetic rubbish that was on its way to invade America.

The BuzzSpic, Adolfo Flores, who is embedded with the invaders, wrote an article attempting to paint the Caravaning hordes of third-world savages as poor, heroic, innocent migrants who are just looking for asylum because whichever particular Spic-Land they come from is filled with nasty, violent spics like themselves.

A couple of our guys caught wind of this approaching army of barbarians and Andrew Anglin sounded the alarm to call the White House.

Simultaneously, General Mike Enoch started pushing hard on the story and rallying the TRS troops into action.

The meme factories immediately shifted into high gear.

Then Enoch and other prominent figures in the Alt-Right orbit rapidly turned their Twitter accounts into full-time media-outlets with the singular purpose of driving this one story into the public consciousness.

It was a full-on Twitzkrieg.

It was a beautiful thing to behold.

#StopTheCaravan started trending hard on Twitter.

When the Twitter-Stasi dropped the hammer on the #StopTheCaravan hashtag, our guys started using a second hashtag, #StopTheInvasion.

Not since the 2016 campaign has the Alt-Right and its suburbs been so united in a singular mission – with a unified voice.

Originally, the mainstream wasn’t reporting on this story at all.

NumbersUSA gave the Caravan story a small blurb. And Breitbart ran a story, but it was posted in the middle of the night — and in the morning it was pushed halfway down their main page. They essentially buried it.

But our people flooded the Breitbart comment section anyway and started enflaming the NormieCons to take action.

The filthy rats supporting the invasion noticed that they’d been noticed and sounded their own alarm.

Thanks for giving away the fact that this was supposed to be a secret invasion in a war against White people, you treasonous rat.

These enemy parasites starting hissing and shrieking when you turn on the lights and expose their evil plans.

Mike Enoch was all over this subversive bastard.

The Alt-Right pushed so hard, and enflamed the NormieSphere so quickly, that we didn’t even make it until the Monday morning White House call blitz before President Trump started getting the message.

The mainstream Jews didn’t dare report that it was the Alt-Right that made this happen, but the Gangster Jews at the SPLC sure wanted their Jew-rat audience to know who was responsible for stopping their horde of biological weapons.


the neo-Nazi Website, Daily Stormer, warned of “Brown Hordes on the Move,” and provided a phone number urging readers to call the White House. After Trump’s tweets, the Daily Stormer posted a follow-up article on Sunday arguing that the president “has at least heard us.”

Other racists began “doxing” the organizers of the migrant march. On The Right Stuff forum, Michael Peinovich posted an urgent request for readers to call the White House and a poster in the thread put up the contact information for the group organizing the caravan, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, urging its racist followers to email them. Others encouraged readers to attack the group’s Facebook page. On Peinovich’s Twitter feed, he retweeted a post with the contact information for the group, including phone numbers and emails. In the same thread, a Twitter user named “Frex” posted Pueblos Sin Fronteras organizer Alex Mensing’s Facebook page, including photos of his family, writing, “Now is the time to go out and mine all his social media before he goes private.”

Threats began coming in to Mensing’s email account by Sunday morning, he told the Intelligence Project.

“They’re exposing our dudes!”

lol — Our buddy Frexit is always on the case.

I can’t find any information on whether the subversive rat who’s organizing this invasion, Alex Mensing, is a Jew or not.

Jew, or not Jew? — Academics, please respond.