The ADL Refuses to Say the Name of Jesus Christ, Fakes Daily Stormer Quote Instead

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2018

The Jews really hate Jesus.

This is a little bit interesting.

I knew as soon as I heard “synagogue shooting” that this was yet another “October Surprise” from the filthy trickster kikes, and I wrote:

This is really, really not good news.

Unless it’s Moslems.

Please Jesus Christ let it be Moslems.

But in a round-up of “extremist response” to the shooting, the ADL wrote:

Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin actually criticized the attack on his website, the Daily Stormer, seemingly because he fears the impact it will have on extremists. “There is absolutely nothing good that can come from random acts of terrorism” due to the backlash that accompanies such an attack. He writes that he could have stopped the shooting if his website hadn’t been “silenced.”

Earlier in the day, before the alleged shooter’s name was made public, Anglin wrote that “Arabs almost always get reported as “white males.” Basically, everyone who isn’t an actual Negro gets reported as that.” He adds about the perpetrators, “Please god let it be Moslems [sic].”

See what they did there?

They even added a “[sic],” even though the opposite was true. They actually changed what I wrote, presumably because Jews will not write the name “JESUS CHRIST” on their website.

They even used a lowercase “g” in the word “God” to represent that it is the Christian God, which they hate.

They always capitalize the “g” in “G-d” – when they are referring to their own god, the satanic volcano god Molech/Yahweh.

But seriously – removing the name “Jesus Christ.”

It’s a big deal to change the text of a quote in journalism. It’s a serious breach of journalistic ethics and a type of fraud.

The Jews are vicious and bizarre, as this incident clearly demonstrates. They appear to believe that the name of Christ actually harms them, in the way that it harms the demon girl in “The Exorcist.”

I have no idea if it does that or not, and will not speculate. But the fact that they think it does is truly fascinating.

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