The Absolute State of British Prostitutes

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2018

First things first.

Prostitutes are trad as fuck.

Think about it. How do you get rid of the problem of male horniness and polygamous instinct in a society that is monogamous and not in a war atm?

There are two ways.

First way: you look the other way when young, sexy and alpha men cuck older, beta provider husbands. This leads to rampant promiscuity in society and frivolity in general. And this can only really be tolerated during times of peace. No one will march off to go die without knowing that their wife will be faithful to them while they’re gone. Societal trust breaks down – but it’s probably fun if you’re a Don Juan tbh.

Second way: you allow a certain subset of your female population to be professional whores. And it’s not as bad as it sounds. The simple truth of the matter is that a significant percent of women are literally good for nothing except for the hole between their legs. Not all women, mind you.

But the lazy, dumb and unscrupulous women need a place in society as well. 

Just like most trad patriarchal societies send a portion of their men off to die in wars, so too do they put some of their female population to work in the oldest profession known to men.

This is natural. 

Well, given that advanced civilizations aren’t really all that natural in general, this is natural in the sense that most civilizations have used prostitutes as a steam valve for excess male sexual energy.

Now, ideally, you pursue a monogamous society that rewards men for service to the state with access to a hot, young and loyal wife and an estate. That’s what keeps a society chugging along – rewards for its most able, loyal and moral members.

But lol, that ain’t what we have going on now.

NOTHING about our society is natural.

Now in the video, you see an upper-middle-class woman with a bullshit degree realizing that it’s much easier to fuck for money.

This is very scary stuff.

This isn’t what I was talking about above. This isn’t a natural occurrence. This woman is in debt for a bullshit degree, and almost certainly servicing Pakis and other foreigner scum.

Our society puts women in debt and then fills their head with pseudo-science to justify them whoring themselves out. Listen to her talk – she’s shilling for the prostitution industry and trying to portray it as a liberating and enlightening career path.

This isn’t targetting the naturally dumb and promiscuous girls of our society.

This is targetting upper-middle-class and college educated chicks with average or slightly above average IQs. You know, chicks that can actually understand what their Marxist professors are brainwashing them with, but aren’t smart enough to realize why its bullshit.

That’s not normal – that’s downright satanic. 

European nations can’t even reach replacement levels of reproduction. There is a massive shortage of women in many Western nations because of the mass male migration from the Third World. And women are being gaslit into thinking its okay to be professional whores.

Again, if this was a sane, homogenous and healthy society, I wouldn’t care all that much about some women turning tricks in the red light district of some degenerate merchant town.

But these are women who would not find themselves whoring in a sane society, and who are trying to encourage other girls of their kind to do it as well.

Furthermore, just to make it all that much worse, they’re not offering their services at a rate that the men who need them – normal guys who can’t get wives or girlfriends for financial reasons or otherwise – can afford.

This is some Project Monarch-tier brainwashing.

If you look past the feminist poopy-talk, you can see that this woman doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about. But she’s trying to rationalize what she’s doing.

This is no bueno, no bueno indeed.

And let me tell you something.

White men are going to get sick of all this filth eventually.

Periods of excess and degeneracy are always followed by periods of hardship and brutality. An entire generation of men is going to be so sick of what they’re seeing happen to their nations, their culture and their women that they’re not going to take my nuanced position on the matter.

They’re going to excise it all in a righteous cleansing fire.

And to be quite honest, I’ll be right there with them.