The 6 Block Nation: Seattle Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is Now a Special Country for Special People

This is so stupid.

I just really don’t even know what to say anymore.

New York Times:

On the streets next to a police precinct in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, protesters and officers spent a week locked in a nightly cycle of standoffs, at times ending with clouds of tear gas.

But facing a growing backlash over its dispersal tactics in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, the Seattle Police Department this week offered a concession: Officers would abandon their precinct, board up the windows and let the protesters have free rein outside.

In a neighborhood that is the heart of the city’s art and culture — threatened these days as rising tech wealth brings in gentrification — protesters seized the moment. They reversed the barricades to shield the liberated streets and laid claim to several city blocks, now known as the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.”

“This space is now property of the Seattle people,” read a banner on the front entrance of the now-empty police station. The entire area was now a homeland for racial justice — and, depending on the protester one talked to, perhaps something more.

What has emerged is an experiment in life without the police — part street festival, part commune. Hundreds have gathered to hear speeches, poetry and music. On Tuesday night, dozens of people sat in the middle of an intersection to watch “13th,” the Ava DuVernay film about the criminal justice system’s impact on African-Americans. On Wednesday, children made chalk drawings in the middle of the street.

One block had a designated smoking area. Another had a medic station. At the “No Cop Co-op,” people could pick up a free LaCroix sparkling water or a snack. No currency was accepted, but across the street, in a nod to capitalism, a bustling stand was selling $6 hot dogs. It was dealing in U.S. dollars.

On Wednesday night, President Trump tried to portray the scenes in the city as something more sinister. He called for government leaders to crack down on the protesters, declaring on Twitter that “Domestic Terrorists have taken over Seattle.”

Seriously, what am I supposed to say about that?

You tell me.

What wouldn’t be obvious? 

Surely, I can’t say “the government is allowing them to do this because they want this to happen as part of a wider agenda of chaos”?

Surely, that is so obvious that no one actually needs to say it?

It’s the same thing with this.

What can I say about that?

Because I can’t say “maybe you should take back your country, Mr. President.”

Let’s invite a few other people to play Captain Obvious here. Because… I simply do not have the courage.

The narrative of the left, after the Seattle lesbian mayor told Trump to “go back to his bunker,” is that Trump is a demented authoritarian living in a bunker as the herpes and heroin revolution rises.

It’s really cool that these people’s reality is so much like the plot of a young adult novel.

I mean, what a delightful coincidence, right?

What are the chances?