The “500 Brothers” and the Racism of Brown People

Diversity Macht Frei
March 30, 2017

A cornerstone of Diversity Cult ideology is that racism can be felt only by white people and experienced only by brown people. “Racism”, in their view, rather than being an instinctive resistance to ethnic dispossession, is an elaborate ideology of supremacism with its roots deep in the unique history of Europe. That this delusional belief system is itself a form of racism is a truth that never seems to impact on the cult members’ brainwashed minds.

But reality has a habit of intruding where it is least wanted. It turns out that when their ancestral living spaces are violated by aliens, brown-skinned people experience exactly the same unhappiness that Europeans do, even when the aliens have brown skin too. And they tend to express this unhappiness more forcefully.

It seems that a “tiny minority” of African students have been taking time out from their studies to deal drugs in India. When an Indian man died recently after consuming some of these African-dealt drugs, the locals formed mobs to attack random negroes.

Meanwhile, “French” Guiana has been paralysed by road blockages and strikes led by a group called the “Movement of 500 Brothers”. These are hooded brown-skinned vigilantes who want immigrants to be deported.

For the 500 Brothers, Guiana has become a zone of “non-law”. “Clandestine immigration” is said to be one the causes of this, especially from Brazil and Suriname. For this reason the group is demanding that nationals of these countries be deported, as they represent “half of the prisoners in the prison of Rémire-Montjoly”.


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