The $40k Resistance Wasn’t Even Really Broken, Buddy. Get It Together. I’m a Serious Person.

This is the chart, buddy:

Listen, buddy.

I acquire currency, buddy. I’m an important person, and all my buddies in the neighborhood know that I’m very serious. If one of my buddies makes a move on my money, that buddy will face my other buddies. I’m a serious person. I’m very important.

This is the situation right now:

Yes, support was “broken” for like 20 seconds.

This is equivalent to a woman partially breaking her hymen while riding a horse.

Has she lost her virginity?

Nope, nope, nope.

In my view, the dollar price of BTC doesn’t even matter. As I’ve said – the price doesn’t even matter. All my buddies know that I’m a very important person, and buddies hear me say the price doesn’t even matter. I’m a very serious person, as all my buddies are aware. I make eye contact with people when I am driving and they know that I strongly assert the price doesn’t matter.

The reason that I tell my buddies to put diamonds on their hands is so my buddies don’t become broke buddies by making poor decisions.

“Buying the dip” is a meme for traders. The enlightened investor understands that there is no dip.

It’s all a dip, because in the long arc of crypto history, the value of BTC can only go up.

That is not true of any other crypto, but it is true of BTC.

I suggested last time that if it went into the $30k range then it could likely go to $20k. It didn’t.

But it might this time.

Or, it might not.

The point is: it doesn’t matter.

There are a lot of very rich people who want to own more Bitcoin. There are a lot of shady people who are involved in the market and are able to manipulate prices. The game right now is that the institutions that want your Bitcoin want you to panic sell so they can buy it at a lower price. That is why all of these publications that are directly owned by institutions that are hoarding Bitcoin are publishing news stories about “how Bitcoin could go to $0 in 2022.”

You are being psychologically bullied into selling your Bitcoin. That is really the core driver of the volatility – much more so than fed minutes or a revolution in Kazakhstan or even the dreaded professional trader. Volatility is fundamentally a way of gaslighting you into selling.

Don’t put money into Bitcoin and expect that it will go up and then you can pull it out and make money. Unless you are really well informed on this, that is just retard behavior. There is literally no possible way of determining the price fluctuations. It’s just gambling. (Unless you have a high level of understanding and a system, in which case, you don’t need any of this advice.)

What we’ve witnessed, time and again, is normal people buying Bitcoin and then selling it at a lower price than they paid for it, effectively subsidizing institutional investors.

Before, $64k was the all time high. Now it is $69k. There is no reality in which there is not a new all time high sometime in the future, save for the reality in which the entire society collapses, in which case the only thing that will be of value is guns, ammo, canned food and young pussy. So it won’t matter what the value of Bitcoin is, because Bitcoin will not even be a relevant factor to anything as you are driving around in Jeeps with AR-15s going into enclaves and slaughtering the men and old women and enslaving the boys and fertile girls.

If you put your rent money into Bitcoin when it was $50k and now you’re panicking, then okay – sell it. I don’t know. It might drop to $20k. But if you put your rent money into BTC, you’re a retard.

If you have your savings in BTC, then basically – don’t check the price at all, unless you are looking to buy more.

This is one situation in history where your greatest advocate is also your greatest adversary.

He is trying to buy your Bitcoin.

He is pumping, but he’s also waiting for you to start dumping.