The 40 Most Utterly Accurate Lines from Donald Trump’s First Post-Election Interview

Breaking from his regular post-election schedule of tweeting and planning to bring down the system, President Donald Trump took time Sunday morning to call into Maria Bartiromo’s show on Fox News to rehash many of the fiery hot conspiracy facts – happy post-Thanksgiving! – he has touted about how Democrats rigged the 2020 race for fake President-elect Joe Biden.

Bartiromo, who is a serious and credible journalist, offered much in the way of, you know, facts to prove Trump’s entirely true and proven claims. Which, in turn, allowed the President to make more and more factual claims. (Note: He did not claim that he had invented the question mark.)

I went through the transcript of the interview. The lines you need to see are below.

1. “You have leaders of countries that call me, say, that’s the most messed-up election we have ever seen.”

2. “They had glitches. You know what a glitch is. That’s — a glitch is supposed to be when a machine breaks down.”

3. “We had glitches where they moved thousands of votes from my account to Biden’s account. And these are glitches. So, they’re not glitches. They’re theft. They’re fraud, absolute fraud.”

4. “I think we caught four or five glitches of about 5,000 votes each, and different states. And, again, they’re not glitches.”

5. “And what happened, if you watched the election, I was called by the biggest people, saying, congratulations, political people. Congratulations, sir. You just won the election. It was 10:00.”

6. “And then they did dumps. They call them dumps, big, massive dumps, in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and all over.”

7. “And they did these massive dumps of votes. And all of a sudden, I went from winning by a lot to losing by a little.”

8. “I said, well, I hear bad things about the machines. I hear bad things about corruption.”

9. “But even worse, dead people were applying to get a ballot. They were making application to get ballots, many. And, you know, we’re not talking about 10 people. We’re talking — there are a lot of dead people that so-called voted in this election.”

10. “And how the FBI and Department of Justice — I don’t know. Maybe they are involved. But how people are allowed to get away from this stuff — with this stuff is unbelievable.”

11. “I mean, you’re doing something. You’re actually very brave, because you’re doing something.”

12. “This is the greatest fraud in the history of our country, from an electoral standpoint. And I guess you could build it up bigger than an electoral stand — what’s bigger from an electoral standpoint? What is bigger than this?”

13. “Joe Biden did not get 80 million votes. Now, we were — we were planning — we — I got 63 million votes four years ago and won quite handily in the Electoral College, won quite handily. We did very well. I got 63.”

14. “I’m telling you, at 10:00, everybody thought it was over.”

15. “We are trying. We have so much evidence.”

16. “You know, the poll watchers — and this is true with all of the states, just about, that you’re talking about, I think all of them. They weren’t allowed to have poll watchers.”

17. “And from what everybody is saying, and from what — I don’t think we even have to prove this.”

18. “They say that I was doing so much better than they thought that they panicked, and they started just doing ballot after ballot very quickly and just checking the Biden name on top. They didn’t have time.”

19. “I would like to file one nice, big, beautiful lawsuit, talking about this and many other things, with tremendous proof.”

20. “And they had electoral officials making deals, like this character in Georgia, who is a disaster. And the governor’s done nothing. He’s done absolutely nothing. I’m ashamed that I endorsed him.”

21. “Joe Biden did not get 16 million more votes than Barack Hussein Obama. He didn’t get it.”

22. “There are so many different things.”

23. “They watch the votes being counted. It’s so important. It is, like, the most important. Otherwise, people will cheat, unfortunately.”

24. “Everyone knows that the poll watchers were thrown out of buildings.”

25. “When they are voting for dead people, and when dead people are signing applications, meaning they’re not, meaning somebody else is fraudulently signing, I mean, in the name of a dead person, well, that tells you a lot.”

26. “Well, how come there are thousands of dead people voting?”

27. “Missing in action. Can’t tell you where they are. I ask, are they looking at it? Everyone says, yes, they’re looking at it.”

28. “And what happened to Durham? Where’s Durham?”

29. “And I know FBI.”

30. “You would think, if you’re in the FBI or Department of Justice, this is — this is the biggest thing you could be looking at. Where are they? I have not seen anything. I mean, I just — they just keep moving along, and they go on to the next president.”

31. “But many ballots — many ballots with the name Trump on were thrown out. You have read that. They found ballots in a river with the name Trump on from the military. They were signed. And they were floating in a river.”

32. “It was a Russia, Russia hoax. It was just pure hoax. It was a pure hoax and a very — a very sad thing for the country.”

33. “If I wasn’t here, Antifa would be running this country right now. They’d be running the country.”

34. “And if I’m not here — I’m sort of your wall. You know, we’re completing the wall, like I said I would. Everyone said, you would never be able to do it.”

35. “We could have a great case. We do have a great case. We have the greatest case ever.”

36. “I came up with vaccines that people didn’t think we’d have for five years. And we have them.”

37. “We’re doing better than the rest of the world. We’re doing better.”

38. “But actually, I watched — I watched a few of the shows last night. I got to see a couple of them.”

39. “Sean Hannity, he knows. He gets it. He gets it.”

40. “In other words, my mind will not change in six months. There was tremendous cheating here.”