That Caravan of Hondurans is Still Coming BTW

Daily Stormer
April 16, 2018

Oh yeah that thing. It is still happening.

Buzzfeed shilling it still.

“My children couldn’t go out on the street to play without us having to pay a gang member so nothing would happen to them. This is why I’m traveling.” Meet the woman looking after hundreds of other women and children in the caravan of migrants seeking asylum in Mexico and the US.

A bunch of shitholers from brown America are still coming in their caravan, they haven’t stopped. The Mexican government claimed they were disbanding them, then some of them dispersed, now they’re back marching again. With legal visas from the Mexican government.

So is the military at the border still going to be the thing? Are they going to repel these rodents? What is going on with all that?

Anyway, if WWIII happens this won’t matter.

Because then we can just shoot them with rail guns.

Or just, you know, let the molerats take care of them.