That Bitch Sadeekah Done Put She Chald at the Road

That bitch Sadeekah Abdul Salaam done leave she chald at the road in the Bronx.

Bitch ass police find that brat Sidaya lookin stupid at the road, aint got no mama.

Is that bitch Sadeekah from Islam or BLACK Islam? Bitch police aint said. She chald be black as hell.

The muthafuka was code out der too, foety degree.

They find the spy cam shows that bitch Sadeekah just walkin with the chald, then she put the chald down and keep on goin. Basic bitch, aint understans she responsibilities. Too many bitches like that in the community, while we be tryin to raise keeds out here.

What you think? You just gonna loose that bitch on the road, aint gonna has to feed it no mo? Yall nees to get yos heads in the game, bitch ass police gonna find you keeds, they gonna give em back, along with yo new rap sheet.

If yall bitches aint got the class to raise up yo keeds, yall nees to keep yo pussy shut. Yall bitches knows we gots enough hardships in the community without hasent to find yo keeds fo ya.

Ain’t no wonder these keeds all be sellin crack, sellin they pussy, when they moms aint even gon raise em up.

Apologizes to Fox 5 New York.