Thankfully, AOC is Strengthening Her Ties to Vicious Jew-Hating Lunatic Jeremy Corbyn

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2019

It is extremely important that when the Jews are purged, they are purged in both the USA and the UK at the same time.

Thankfully, AOC and Jeremy Corbyn appear to be planning to do exactly that.


It started with a phone call in February and now the relationship between young US Democrat hotshot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, appears to have blossomed further, with gardening advice.

The two left-wing icons of the Western world, engaged in a “wide-reaching” conversation earlier in the year, prompting much excitement among British and American democratic socialists.

Now things seem to be getting ‘serious’ after AOC, the New York congresswoman, called on her Twitter followers for help on what to plant in her new small community garden plot.

“Any green-thumbs out with sage words of advice?” she asked.

Step up one Jeremy Bernard Corbyn, proud owner of a garden allotment in north London. Responding to AOC’s plea, the Labour leader, who insists his vegetable patch “helps him achieve his calm Monsieur Zen demeanor,” was only too happy to give a few words of advice to his socialist comrade.


Gardening is a perfect place for this relationship to bloom, because this duo is going to need to do a whole lot of digging – of mass graves.

Corbyn is an old-hat anti-Semite, and he is their menace and their scourge.

AOC is not particularly clear-headed, and she gets distracted easily.

It is very good to have someone like Corbyn keeping her on point, and focusing on what matters: completely obliterating the Jewish race, once and for all.