Thank You, Omar Mateen

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 12, 2016


Tonight, we shall raise a glass to Omar Mateen and his 72 virgins.

Today is a wonderful day.

Omar Mateen, an Afghani haji, just secured the election for Trump by carrying out the most deadly terrorist attack in America since 9/11.

omar MAGA v2

And the best part?

Nothing of value was lost.

Fifty dead homos.

From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of all neo-Nazi White supremacists, I want to offer a sincere “thank you” to Omar.

You did what none of us could do, Omar.

I hope you enjoy the hell out of those 72 virgins, buddy.

You deserve every single one of them.

And with That, the Narrative has Officially Collapsed


That’s the end of the narrative right there.

The coalition of the failures has officially failed.


And you would have gotten away with it too… if it weren’t for ur boi Omar.

Why on earth the Jews thought it made sense to try and push a narrative that women, homosexuals, the Blacks, the Mexicans and the Moslems were all allies is beyond me.

I mean, I get it that they are all against White men. But you know. It wasn’t really difficult to foresee this very thing happening.

And now that it’s happened… you can call all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, but they’re not putting this thing back together again.

The game is officially over.

Hillary Clinton Celebrates the Progress of LGBT Rights | Advocate.comSelection_999(2152)

Yo Hillary, come get ur boi Omar! He out her killen dem fags u liek so much!

How is the Jew media going to spin this?

It is unspinnable.

I can’t wait to see them try.

I can’t wait to see The Young Turks stuttering, trying to explain that Moslems don’t really hate homos and this is all somehow the fault of cis White men.

It won’t work.

The jig is up.

We just won the culture war.


See ya later, faggots.