“Thank You for Your Service” – National Guardsmen Freed from Parking Garage to Which They’d Been Banished

It was actually incredible to see that the people who run Washington march the troops, who they had just been praising as very brave heroes, into a dirty old parking garage to sleep on the concrete in near-freezing weather.

One thing is certain though: this was totally not on purpose, and the decision to pull them out of the garage is totally not related to the pictures of them in the garage going viral on Twitter.

Furthermore: it was totally only a few hours that they were in the garage.

You can believe all that, because it’s on CNN, which is a trusted source of accurate information:

A series of miscommunications around an unprecedented security situation left National Guard troops searching for an adequate rest area Thursday night when they were moved from the Capitol into a nearby parking garage.

Guard members ended up having to spend several hours Thursday night resting on the concrete in the parking garage before the mistake was fixed and they were moved back to the Capitol.

The exact chain of events that led to the Guard members moving to the garage is unclear, and by Friday afternoon a series of conflicting explanations and finger pointing only added to the confusion about why the troops were given the impression they were no longer welcome in the Capitol even as their job of protecting it is ongoing.

The resulting confusion and finger-pointing was impressive even for Washington. The National Guard was quick to blame Capitol Police as the authority that directed their troops to vacate the premises Thursday night, but Capitol Police immediately and forcefully denied any involvement. By Friday afternoon, the two units had put out a joint statement seeking to resolve the conflict, but that missive still left unanswered the question of who gave the initial order to move.

Their argument, obviously, is that the city is a completely chaotic mess and no one has any idea what is even going on – as it is on the highest security alert in all of American history, following the brutal violation of a podium.

Obviously, all these Washington people just wanted to get these moronic farm people the hell out of the way of their business, and out of their sight. These dumb farm people from middle America represent everything that the people in Washington hate. They were just too old or too black to realize what the results of telling them to go sleep on the ground in a parking garage would be.

Chuck Schumer knows everything that happens at the Capitol. There are many Jews like this. The Capitol Police were literally sent to march them into the garage. You’ve all seen a lot of pictures of the Capitol – it’s not a big place.

But the good news is: everyone agrees that our brave men, women and trannies shouldn’t be sent to sleep on the ground in a parking garage. At least not in January.

The black guy who was raised to act like he’s white (and yet still complains about racism) and the Puerto Rican who pretends she wasn’t raised to act like she’s white (to make her complaints about racism more plausible), usually bitterest of enemies due to their views on tax policies or something, both agree on one thing: our noble guardsmen shouldn’t be banished to the garage.

(Is Sandy indicating she’s going to give all these men blowjobs? That tweet has a real “Netflix and chill” vibe about it, no?)

“Send ’em to the garage” actually sounds like some manner of military slang. If it wasn’t before, it should be now – “don’t push me any further, soldier, or you’ll end up in the garage!”

Anyway, the point and the true bottom line of this matter is: there was no security threat. There was never any security threat. Even when Baked Alaska was playing with Nancy Pelosi’s phone, no security threat existed for anyone other than the peaceful protesters themselves, one of whom was murdered by a cop. Her name was Ashli Babbitt, and she is still dead.

It doesn’t matter who actually ordered it (it was probably Bowser, the Mayor of DC and the arch-nemesis of a humble plumber named Mario), it would have been a huge spectacle to see these 5,000 troops marching off into a garage, and everyone would have seen it happening.

There might be a few dickheads who thought that Johnny was marching home again after their great victory over the forces of QAnon, some might have even yelled “hoo-rah,” but every Jew at the Capitol would have asked and been told where they were going.

Please note the number of Republican Congressmen who were watching these soldiers march out into a garage, and said “hey, what the hell are you doing? These are our brave servicemen! They can’t be sent out to sleep in a garage like dogs!”: That number was exactly – and precisely, as a matter of mathematical science – zero.

Oh well.


The most important thing is that Joe Biden called them to apologize for this huge mixup.

After all, he’s the commander-in-chief, and it was under his watchful and stone cold gaze that these thousands of men were sent into a garage. The buck stops with President Biden.

Isn’t This Worse Than the Capitol Storm?

Frankly, it’s obvious to me that you could, without much effort, make the argument that making these soldiers sleep on the concrete of a garage was much more of an atrocity than the Capitol Storm.

You certainly feel more sympathy, just on a visceral, human emotional level, seeing troops forced to sleep on the ground than you do seeing Congressmen hiding under chairs.

Just look at the pictures side-by-side.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

One of these images clearly evokes more empathy, as a nervous system response, than the other.

Because you’re reading this far into a long article, I know you’re someone who reads things, which means you probably don’t have a huge connection to the kind of people who would sign up for the National Guard (at least not two decades after 911 and a record of endless and demonstrably fraud-based brutal wars for Israel).

But we all have known a stupid fat kid with a dumb look on his face, who is the sort to walk in and sign up for US Military service because he doesn’t have any idea what is going on.

Most of us have one or two in our family. These kinds of people have become harmful to society in recent decades because they lack leadership – not because they are not harmless. I mean, he’s earnest. He’s got his Bible there with him. He’s doing his damn best. I’m sure he called his mama and told her he was doing just fine in that garage.

These are the same folks who really and truly physically built our country (blacks claiming to have done it is a kind of stolen valor). Surely, you agree that these folks deserve to be kept indoors, not forced to sleep outside in the open air like animals.

This is a savage, hateful thing that these Washington people did. And this should remind you: the only thing more hateful than a Jew is a mid-witted white person who got a job making big bucks wearing a suit looking down on the dimwitted white person who didn’t.

One other thing is for certain: Washington, DC was not a city built to be occupied by an army of tens of thousands of soldiers. The people who built the city obviously figured that if that ever happened, it would be an invading army, and they could find their own place to sleep. That fact in itself is one that should mean that these images of the garaged troops violate the conscience of every American.

If someone goes to Yale or Harvard, then goes to live and work in the hive of scum and villainy that is Washington, DC, then you know he cares about one thing, above all else, and that is status. And status is the only thing between him and some earnest fat kid with a Bible who’s about to get shipped off to Syria to get his legs blown off by an IED built by a CIA-trained jihadi.

The Jews will never be goyim. But all it takes for a midwitted con-artist in a suit to end up back down among the peasants is to get caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy.

These farm people do not belong in Sandy Cortez’ office getting their dicks sucked any more than they belong in that garage. These people belong back in their villages wandering around the Walmart to see if they can find anything they or their families need back at the house. Or on the southern border. Or storming the beaches of Europe to liberate them from Jewish Islamo-feminism.

Remember, these people were brought in from all 50 states, in order that every state should show solidarity with our nation’s podiums.

Even if Donald Trump had declared martial law (as he should have done), the military on the streets would have ultimately been a sad sight: “so, it’s come to this.” Our civilization was built on the ability of people to cooperate with each other, voluntarily. It was built on the idea that the men in fancy clothing cared about the fate of the people on the farm, because they were their kinsmen and their relationship was symbiotic.

This replacement of our aristocracy with foreign parasites and parasitic domestic conmen is at the core of the collapse of our civilization, and that phenomenon has never been clearer than when the leadership of Washington marched the morons who signed up to fight and die for this country out into an open air parking garage to sleep in the winter because they were disgusted by the sight of them.

A Message to the Troops

I’ve just got a brief message of my own for the troops.

You are forever to be remembered as the victims of the first major PR disaster of the Biden Administration – and that’s a hard place to be, both professionally and personally.

From the bottom of my heart: thank you for your service. The grandpodiums of our podiums’ grandpodiums will be singing holding up copies of epic poetry that will be written about how on that dark day in January, you stood strong, and protected the integrity of our nation’s podiums from white people.

This one goes out to our brave men, women and trannies in green: