Thank God: Putin Secures Lifetime Rule

After a successful vote of a Constitutional amendment, Russian President Vladimir Putin gets to stay in power until 2036, which is effectively “for life” or “until way too old.”

This is good news.

The last thing we needed in the middle of this mess was for Russia to go full-anal and double-slut.


The Kremlin considers the outcome of the vote on amendments to the Russian Constitution as a triumph.

“Certainly, [the Kremlin] calls the [outcome of the vote on amendments to the Constitution] a triumph. Actually, de facto a triumphal referendum was held on trust in President [Vladimir] Putin,” Peskov told reporters.

According to Peskov, a high interest in amendments had been easily predicted since this was explained by public activity in the process of initiating and outlining the amendments. “But certainly, this highest turnout and highest level of support, which were seen today, would have been very difficult to forecast,” he noted.

Speaking on the plan of fulfilling changes, which the Russians supported, Peskov noted that “this is the issue of the country’s near future.” He declined to name an exact date when the citizens would feel the changes. “Now as the Russians supported all initiatives on changes to the Constitution, certainly, this will become a foundation for a better future of our country,” Peskov stressed.

There are a lot of bad forces in Russia, and Putin is going to face a long and hard journey given that he was unable to stop the government from shutting down the economy over the coronavirus hoax.

But this vote is a sign that he still has the bulk of the popular support.

Russia doesn’t have much going on. Other than doing the Syria thing, they’re kind of just sitting over there. But if Russia was removed from the chessboard by one of these color revolutions, the world situation would be a whole lot worse than it currently is, and it’s already pretty much as bad as anyone could imagine a situation being.

If Russians are able to just wait around for the West to collapse, they can get rid of this dumb democracy nonsense and get to leading the mission of rebuilding Western civilization from the ashes.