Thailand Seals Kids in Plastic Boxes to Prevent Coronavirus

Thailand is putting kids into plastic boxes so they don’t transmit the sneeze monster. They’re likely doing this because they see that the West has gone full loony with this virus thing, and are confused.

Countries that look up to the West are definitely getting confused.

Kids in the United Kingdom:

Kids in France:

This creates some kind of negative feedback loop, where Western countries will use the example of non-Western countries doing these things as proof that no measure is off-limits in the fight against a harmless flu, order people to do more insane stuff, and then non-Western countries will see it and think they need to do more to fight the virus.

It’s mass hysteria.

Daily Mail:

Schools in Thailand are forcing students to learn and play in makeshift plastic cubicles to comply with extreme social distancing measures.

Thai children in kindergarten at the Wat Khlong Toey School in Bangkok, which has been reopened for a month, study behind perspex boxes and play with toys alone in screened-in areas.

The green light was given for schools in the country to reopen at the start of July with a series of strict measures in place.

Authorities recommended class sizes are restricted to 20-25 students while doorknobs, desks and other areas at risk of spreading infection be sanitized frequently throughout the day.

When students arrive at school teachers hand them face masks to wear throughout the day, while face shields are provided in some cases – as an extra measure.

Students must also have their temperatures checked and a facial recognition scanner automatically sends a message to parents, he said.

The school has turned cardboard ballot boxes used in elections into partitions to ensure social distancing between desks.

‘I feel good studying behind the box because it makes me feel safer returning to school,’ said student Kanlaya Srimongkhol.

There have been 58 people in Thailand killed by coronavirus and 3,351 infections – a low toll considering it became the first country outside China to detect an infection in mid-January.

58 deaths! And they’re going full cartoon scifi dystopia!

Something like this could be implemented in the West in 2021, alongside some kind of coronavirus body-condoms for adults.

Vaccine or not, that is a possibility.

If they present a vaccine, they can say that these insane social distancing measures must remain in place because coronavirus can mutate and there are other viruses, or whatever.

This isn’t ending with a vaccine.