Thailand: Satanic CIA Shills Attack the King’s Motorcade

Basically, no one is stopping this CIA plot to overthrow the King of Thailand.

BBC News:

Pro-democracy protesters in Thailand have confronted a motorcade carrying King Maha Vajiralongkorn as it passed through a rally in Bangkok.

The protesters, who were pushed back by ranks of police, raised the three-finger salute that has become a symbol of the protest movement.

They have called for curbs on the king’s powers and for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha.

The protests on Wednesday follow months of escalating tension in the country.

The king, who spends most of his time abroad but has returned from Germany for several weeks, travelled in a car alongside Queen Suthida through the crowds of protesters, who chanted and raised their hands in the three-finger salute. The gesture is thought to have been inspired by the Hunger Games films, where it is used as a symbol of unity and defiance.

The royal couple were on their way to a Buddhist ceremony on Ratchadamnoen Avenue, where the demonstrations took place. The protesters had vowed not to block the motorcade’s passage and they did not.

Supporters of the monarchy, dressed in t-shirts in royal yellow colour, staged rival protests in the capital, with some filmed violently attacking the pro-democracy protesters. Some witnesses accused the government of disguising police as royalist demonstrators.

That’s actually the opposite of the truth. Clearly, there are not this many people opposed to the King, and most of these protesters are paid shills.

But the Western media isn’t going to admit that.

This is all being organized on the internet. Shills have given these ideas to ugly women. There are a few dumb young men, who believe they’re living in the world of Hollywood movies. (The whole gay thing isn’t really a factor in Southeast Asia, given that it’s always been accepted.)

It’s actually shockingly bold to just tell them to copy The Hunger Games. It is really insulting to the Thai people that the CIA takeover operation would be so dumb as, “yeah, uhhhhh, just tell them, uhhhh, tell them to do that thing from that movie.”

Although to be fair, it’s been done before to white people on a much larger scale.

You remember the thing.

If these terrorists can manage to rile up the poor – which they’re on the verge of doing, probably – then this will be a done deal.

Obviously, some large portion of the elite of Thailand have been bought off – perhaps most of them. That’s the only way this can be happening.

It’s difficult to describe what it means to attack the King in Thailand. It is basically an attack on the entire core of the culture. And this is a real culture, a real society. But apparently, the whole cellphone screen delusionism is getting to everyone.

If I was the Thai king, I would start making real close friends with China real quick.

Alas, there is some serious question as to whether or not this king even cares.

He was reluctant to take the role.

He is intended to be the caretaker of the society, the protector of the people. But he might not be able to.

Very sad.