Thailand: Ex-Soldier Shoots Up Hospital, Mistaking Flu Patients for Drug Addicts

See – it’s not just white people who are going insane from the flu hysteria.

This lockdown and fear campaign is going to drive everyone over the edge.


Two people have been killed, including a hospitalized Covid-19 patient, after a former soldier, dressed in combat uniform and a red beret, attacked a coronavirus field hospital in Pathum Thani Province.

Speaking to Reuters on Thursday, shortly after the attack took place, regional Police Chief Amphol Buarabporn said that an initial investigation suggested the shooter mistook the Covid-19 patients for drug addicts, adding that he hated drug users.

Buarabporn confirmed that the attacker, a former soldier, believed to be 23 years old, had killed two people. One, a patient, was killed in the hospital, while a shop worker was shot dead earlier over a dispute in Bangkok.

The field hospital in Pathum Thani where the ex-soldier fired gunshots had previously been a drug rehabilitation center and had been refitted to treat Covid-19 patients.

Footage from CCTV shows the man, identified by local media as Kawin Saengnilkul, dressed in a red beret, full combat gear and brandishing a weapon, entering the hospital and leaving a victim behind him.

Why would he mistake a flu ward for a drug addict ward?

Well, because he’s gone completely insane from the pressure of this flu hoax.

If we don’t stop this hysterical flu hoax nonsense soon, the entire planet is going to come unglued.

Everyone is already teetering at the edge of sanity.