Thailand: As Revolution Intensifies, Gatherings are Banned, CIA-Backed Terrorists Defy Ban

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If they were going to get this under control, they would have already gotten it under control.

Frankly, I think Thailand has fallen.

BBC News:

Protesters have taken to the streets again in the Thai capital Bangkok, defying a ban on gatherings and sweep of arrests of key protest leaders.

The protesters chanted “Free our friends!” – calling for the release of those detained in the crackdown.

Many held up a three-finger salute, which has become a symbol of the student-led protest movement.

An emergency decree was issued early on Thursday morning in response to protests in Bangkok on Wednesday.

The decree, which banned gatherings of more than four people gathering, came into effect in the early hours of Thursday morning, local time. In a televised announcement, the government said urgent measures were needed to “maintain peace and order”. More than 20 people were arrested, including three protest leaders.

But the protesters came out again on Thursday, with hundreds gathering peacefully in Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong district, many raising the now famous three-finger salute. Leading Panupong Jadnok addressed the crowd. Riot police gathered around the protesters and pictures form the scene showed clashes and some protesters being forcefully arrested.

The student-led protest movement began with calls for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, a former army chief who seized power in a 2014 coup before he was appointed as premier after controversial elections last year. In recent months they have widened to call for curbs on the powers of King Vajiralongkorn, who now spends most of his time abroad.

The protesters’ calls for royal reforms are particularly sensitive in Thailand, where criticism of the monarchy is punishable by long prison sentences.

They’re doing the same thing the Hong Kong terrorists did, and complaining that the riot is now about people who were arrested for rioting.

Obviously, this worked in Hong Kong. So they’re just doing it again. This whole situation is very similar to that which happened in Hong Kong. Again, there is no clear complaint, it’s just ugly women and feminized men whining about “the system, maaaaaaaan.”

Thais targeting the King is the same as Hong Kongese targeting Beijing, given that both are very distant from affecting the personal lives of the population that is protesting. Hong Kong literally had its own totally independent government, and the King is really not involved in policy-making.

The Hong Kong revolution would have worked if Beijing hadn’t stepped in.

The Thai King may well leave the country and abdicate before the end of the year. I don’t know who wants to replace him, as it isn’t clear who is supposed to be leading these protests. It’s just the ubiquitous “students.”

This fat bitch is one of three people identified as “leaders.”

Gepostet von Ball Chanin Wongsri am Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2020

They’re using a meme from “Hunger Games.”

No one really knows why.

The Thai cops are ready to just start shooting these brats with live ammo, I’m certain.

Thai cops are the single most authoritarian group of people that I’m aware of on earth. They are much more extreme than any cops in the region, where “authoritarian cop” is a big thing. I think they’re worse than the Indonesian cops (reminder: there’s also a revolution in Indonesia right now).

They could also, absolutely, bring in Chinese peacekeeping forces.

But is there any political will to do anything at all?

It doesn’t seem that there is.

We have to wonder, frankly, if the King is himself in on it. I hate to say it. But he is not protecting the people.