Thai Revolution: Western Media Won’t Talk About the “Milk Tea Alliance”

NPR, which is US government state propaganda, has an article up right now about the anti-society riots in Thailand, which are effectively demanding that the whole order of the nation be abolished and replaced with a Western-style Jewish democracy.

The article talks about “oh my poor protesters, my water cannon, my human rights.”

It includes these tweets:

Notice that these tweets include the hashtag #MilkTeaAlliance.

Very few English language news outlets are talking about this, despite the fact it is often the only English term in these tweets. If you Google it, you get an article from the Sunday Times, which is locked behind a paywall.

If you did talk about it, you would have a very difficult time not pointing out the fact that the Thai revolution is first and foremost an extension of the Antifa revolution in Hong Kong, which, as we here at the Daily Stormer know very well, was organized by Mike Pompeo and the US State Department.

As I have pointed out, the two revolution are nearly identical. Both have very confusing goals, which seem to only benefit Western geopolitical strategies. In Hong Kong, there was virtually no influence from Beijing. The riots began when the Hong Kong government drafted a law for an extradition treaty between China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, which would allow for people who commit a crime in one country to be extradited back to that country. The law was introduced in direct response to a situation where a Hong Kongese man went to Taiwan, killed his pregnant girlfriend, fled back to Hong Kong, admitted to the murder, and then couldn’t be extradited.

Obviously, these three territories have a similar language and culture, given that they used to all be a single country (and arguably still are), so it makes sense that people are often moving across these borders for work and so on. Sadly, sometimes people commit crimes. It’s part of human nature. So, it makes sense that you would not want a situation where you can commit a murder and avoid prosecution for it by crossing a border, given that along with denying justice to victims and their families, this could actually encourage crime.

Some weird propaganda started up around this, and then Antifa started rioting and burning everything. Then some Antifa were arrested. Then the riots became about the fact that the Antifa were arrested for rioting. It was actually all just truly nonsensical.

Go Balls Deep on the Hong Kong Uprising: Why is Freedom for Hong Kong Being Prioritized Over the Interests of the American People?

Effectively, the Hong Kong riots were created from nothing, and were organized by the US State Department for the purpose of creating massive social unrest in China, as part of a program to overthrow the government of China and replace it with a government that is open to being integrated into Western globalism.

This revolutionary fervor has spread to Thailand directly, in the same way that communism once spread across the continent. There are no clear goals of the Thai branch of this revolution, it is just a direct spin-off of the Hong Kong revolution, and it is obviously being engineered by the same Western forces.

Look at this fat gay rich retard:

To paraphrase an ultra-edgy rock band from the 90s: “Some of those who school foreign, are the same that burn Molotovs.” 

That is to say: the West has been funding revolutionary schools in Asian countries, teaching them Western propaganda, teaching them to hate their own countries. Now, these people are being triggered for revolution, as we move into this one world government and it is necessary for all of these old world nations to be wiped out and be absorbed into the system.

If you go on the #MilkTeaAlliance hashtag, you’ll find the usual suspects.

Mike Pompeo’s own little Hong Kong twinks are out there at the front of it.

Imagine just falling for the same exact trick, over and over and over again.

That is what humans will do, and that is why the Jews are so easily able to control us.

Why You Should Care

You should care that other countries are allowed to remain independent because as long as there is more than one center of power on earth, the Jews cannot go full-on with this agenda they want for all of us.

When the East falls, the jig is up.