Texas: White Woman Shoots and Kills Mexican Intruder Who Left Her Fiancé Unconscious

Curtis Roys and Melody Lumpkin

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CBS Austin:

Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a home where there were reports of an intruder who had been shot by a person in the home early Saturday morning.

Officials were on scene at approximately 12:45 a.m., at a residence located within the 15000 block of Ranch Road 965.

The 73-year-old homeowner, Curtis Roys, was asleep when he heard a loud banging noise outside the residence, according to a press release. It is reported that he went to investigate and saw a young man on the back patio. When confronted, the young man rushed towards Roys and pushed his way inside the residence through the patio door. The man immediately began to physically assault Roys, striking him multiple times with a blunt object in his hand before getting him into a chokehold to the point where Roys lost consciousness later on.

Roys’ fiancée, Melody Lumpkin, 65, was awakened by the disturbance and witnessed the man attacking Roys, deputies reported in a press release. Lumpkin made several pleas to the man to stop and he ignored her. She retrieved a handgun from the bedroom and fired a warning shot out the patio door. The man continued the assault on Roys.

When she noticed Roys was not moving, she started fearing for her safety and that of Roys. In a press release, it’s said that she fired another shot which struck the man in the head. Roys regained consciousness and was able to call 9-1-1.

The man was later identified as Cleto Neri Solorzano, 19, of Fredericksburg, according to law enforcement. He was attended to by Fredericksburg Fire & EMS and transported to Hill Country Memorial Hospital, and later to University Hospital in San Antonio. He has since passed on from his injury.