Texas: When Mexicans Go Black

Are Mexicans going black?

If so, what are the implications?

New York Post:

A 14-year-old boy fired off more than 20 shots at a Texas convenience store, killing three other teenagers and injuring a fourth in a targeted attack, police said Wednesday.

Abel Elias Acosta remains on the loose after the shooting on Sunday and is considered armed and dangerous, Garland Police Department said in a statement.

A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered for information leading to Abel’s arrest.

“Detectives believe Abel Acosta is actively evading capture and need the public’s assistance in locating him,” the department said on Facebook.

The alleged gunman, described as just over 5-feet tall and 125 pounds, made his getaway after the killings in a Dodge Ram driven by his father, Richard Acosta, who police said previously turned himself in. Richard Acosta, 33, faces capital murder charges and is being held on a $1 million bond, cops said.

So, there’s a few differences here between blacks and when Mexicans go black.

The most glaring is that a black would likely not know who his father is, and if he did know who his father was, and he asked his father to be the getaway driver for a shooting, his father would say, “Heh. Nigga, get up out here with that shit, nigga bitch. Yo gon ride, yo get yo crew. Ain’t my shit, bitch, nigga, sheeeeit.”

This kid’s dad said “ay, mi amigo ese hijo cabron, papa carro muy bueno.”

The next thing you’ll notice is that with only twenty shots, he was able to kill three people. When a black person fires twenty shots, it’s all “two treated on site for minor injuries.”

The third thing is he’s successfully evading the cops.

Basically, the bottom line is this: if Mexicans go black, we’re going to have a lot more problems in this country.