Texas vs. Trans-Insanity: Lone Star State Feeling the Heat in the Fight Against the Freaks

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2017

Texas is very much a mixed bag. On the one hand, Texans tend to have a reputation for being proud, shit-kicking rednecks that love guns, God and whooping ass.

Typical Texan (file photo)

But there’s been a troubling development over the past few decades of this creeping liberalism that has begun to appear to challenge the traditional Texan way of life. For instance, my city has a Negro mayor that wants Houston to retain its status as a “sanctuary city,” despite the fact that most Texans hate the idea of giving illegals carte blanche to roam our streets and commit violent crimes. Sure MS-13 and other mestizo gangs are running wild and murdering people. But reining them in would be racist.

Without sanctuary cities, how would these fine young men achieve their DREAMs of committing satanic ritual murders of 14-year-old girls?

Before him, we had a militant dyke mayor who thought the most important issue facing Houston was the lack of cross-dressing perverts in the ladies’ room. This radical rug-muncher even went to the lengths of subpoenaing local pastors for daring to speak out against this ludicrous legislation. The bill thankfully failed by a large margin.

Apparently, the struggle for sanity continues.


The Republican-controlled Texas Senate gave preliminary approval on Tuesday to a bill that restricts bathroom access for transgender people, endorsing a piece of legislation denounced by civil liberties advocates as discriminatory.

The Texas measure requires that all restrooms, showers and locker rooms in public schools and other state and local government facilities “must be designated for and used only by persons of the same sex as stated on a person’s birth certificate,” as opposed to their gender identity.

Just like with sanctuary cities, it boggles the mind how this is even an issue. “Transgenderism” is mental illness, plain and simple. And as I’ve pointed out before, you don’t enable these people’s insanity because it will come back to haunt you when they push for more privileges and inevitably melt down. Besides, they’re such a marginal percentage of the population that it’s ridiculous that we should have to cater to their delusions.

Yet these freaks have got quite a bit of support from various sources. And not just from the typical purple-haired feminists and the usual deviants.

Houston Chronicle:

Public pressure from dozens of tech companies, airlines and the tourism industry didn’t do much to slow the Texas Legislature’s march to pass a new bathroom bill during its special session.

So now business groups are turning to something that might give them a little more influence with the Legislature: football.

While the National Football League has not come out in opposition to the new bathroom regulation legislation, that is not stopping the Texas Association of Business from running new radio ads that warn of the potential reaction from the league. In the one-minute ad airing as part of a $1 million radio campaign in North Texas, a narrator warns that the Dallas Cowboys’ bid to host the NFL draft could be derailed if the bathroom bills become law.

Oddly enough, this actually has precedent.

Similar bathroom bills, like one passed in North Carolina in 2016, have provoked boycotts. After that bill passed, the NCAA announced it was boycotting the state and the NBA announced it was moving the annual basketball all-star game. This year, North Carolina amended that law to end the backlash.

Neither the NFL or Dallas Cowboys have warned of a boycott of Texas themselves. But after Super Bowl LI in Houston earlier this year, an NFL spokesman said, “If a proposal that is discriminatory or inconsistent with our values were to become law there, that would certainly be a factor considered when thinking about awarding future events.”

Why do these sports leagues care about promoting trans-insanity to the point that they’re willing to blackmail states in order to intimidate them into overturning their own laws? It would make sense if these were anti-black laws, since most of the players these sportsball franchises employ are Negroes. But why do they care about cross-dressers? I can’t be certain, but the fact that every flavor of ZOGBall is kiked to high-heaven probably plays a significant role in this.

Apart from mohel and civil-rights attorney, sports team owner is one of the most Jewish professions one can enter.

Big business has made it a habit to bully states into withdrawing legislation they don’t like, despite them often not being based in these states. One such case was when Marc Benioff, the Jewish CEO of Salesforce, went after the state of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, despite his company being headquartered in San Francisco.

If cases like these don’t destroy your faith in democracy, I don’t know what will.

Make pizza for pole-smokers against your will or this fat greasy kike will threaten your economy.

This is also a reminder that when profit is the only consideration, society suffers as a result. These Jews and soulless businessmen don’t care if your daughter has to share a room with a mentally unstable mutilated man in a dress. In their minds, whatever makes money is good, regardless of the detrimental effects it has on the population. This plays a big role in their push for mass immigration, homosexuality, the infantilization of adults and other things that hurt our collective well-being.

More disposable income for them if you’re in a sterile relationship that bears no fruit.

Not only are big businesses fighting the bill, but even our own police are getting involved.

Houston Chronicle:

On the steps of the Texas Capitol, there stood Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo along with police officers from around the state lending their voice in opposition to a new bathroom bill that hours later passed the state Senate.

“We don’t want this bill, it’s bad law,” said Acevedo, one of the star attractions in a Tuesday press conference organized by a coalition of groups opposed to the bathroom bill.

It didn’t take long for critics to start questioning why Acevedo would be 160 miles away from Houston at a political rally about one of the most divisive issues in Texas politics today.

But Acevedo said by being in Austin at the rally he was doing his job.

I’m not an expert on the police, but I don’t recall a police chief’s duties including being a faggot advocate. Apparently, when Acevedo isn’t busy claiming right wingers are a bigger threat than Muslim terrorists and trying to avoid arresting criminal aliens (?gee I wonder why??), he’s out front and center pushing the sodomite agenda and marching in their gAIDS Pride parades.

“Never mind getting illegal gang-bangers off the streets. We’ve got queers to appease!”

At this rate, we’re on track for state-enforced homosexuality, as a very wise man once predicted.

So the struggle continues. On the one side, common sense and decency. On the other side, as E. Michael Jones said, “a cabal of CEOs, homosexuals and their Jewish promoters.” And now the police.

Will logic and reason prevail? Or will the enforcers of Jewish Sharia (AKA political correctness) claim victory?

Only time will tell.