Texas: Teacher Makes Herself Uglier to Spare Student’s Feelings, Society Celebrates

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2019

There’s this concurrent theme of society celebrating the leveling down of everyone who’s above average to appease the feelings of lesser beings. You see this in a blatant way with things such as the fat acceptance movement and the illusion of equality that demands using different standards for women firefighters and soldiers while portraying that as a win for female empowerment, but it’s insidiously present almost everywhere you look.

This news is just one example.

Shannon Grimm, a Texas teacher, gives a non-American girl one of the most valuable lessons of our time: Americans should contort to resemble the hordes of orc invaders.

And everyone cheers her for it.


Teachers are heroes.

When Shannon Grimm noticed that one of her students was being teased for her short hairstyle, she found the perfect way to make her feel better: chopping off her own hair so they could match.

This was the teacher before the haircut:

Here’s the teacher after the haircut with Prisilla:

Even hideous women are made less hideous by letting their hair grow.

Five-year-old Prisilla had her hair cut short after a severe case of headlice.

She was embarrassed of her new cropped hair, wearing a hat to school and refusing to take it off. Then other students started to call Prisilla a boy because of her short hair, prompting tears and difficulty focusing in class.

Shannon tried giving classroom discussions about how girls can have short hair and boys can have long hair, but the message didn’t sink in – Prisilla still missed her long hair.

Prisilla now loves her short ‘do, and Shannon has promised to keep her hair short until Prisilla’s grows out.

It’s a great view of what’s happening to our society at large.

Society celebrates leveling down and oppressing greatness.

Those who dare raise their heads to look beyond mediocrity are encouraged to look back down. If the encouragement doesn’t work, the brainwashed mob forces their head down, and if the brainwashed mob fails, the system itself comes down to mow them.

Don’t maim your greatness to spare the feelings of the unworthy. The worthy ones aren’t hurt when witnessing your might; they’re inspired.

If you think there’s no greatness in you then think again. You don’t end up reading the Daily Stormer without a strong inquisitive drive or high awareness. If you think there’s nothing special about you, then use those because those are special and valuable.

Use what brought you here.

Read great and difficult books.

Conquer hard workouts.

Challenge yourself both physically and mentally.

Andrew Anglin follows Thucydides’ advice.

You’ve been blessed with an intellect and a body. Use them.

Take them to the highest possible place.

Our people need that from you.

Our people need you.

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