Texas Rallies Against “Contact Tracing” Surveillance Plot

America is rising up against these fiends!

Many people (I can’t tell how many, but more than dozens) gathered at the Texas State Capitol on Saturday to demand that the cruel terrorist Governor Greg Abbott AKA “Texas Big Momma” open everything. They also demanded he shut down his insane “contact tracing” surveillance program.

(Please note that there do not appear to be any of these “open carry” rifle retards, because apparently men in Texas have better self-esteem than men in Michigan.)

Hair stylist Shelley Luther, who made national news after getting arrested and sentenced to jail by a Jogger-American judge for opening her salon to make money to feed her children, spoke at the rally, demanding that the evil Governor give the people back ALL their freedoms, including letting the poor kids go back to school.

At this point, there is still zero evidence that the lockdowns do anything at all to stop infections, and may actually be increasing infections. In a recent study, it was shown that the rate of infection went DOWN when the lockdown was lifted in several states. You can try to attribute that to warmer weather, but that wouldn’t explain why Arkansas has a lower infection and fatality rate than its neighbors who locked down while it never locked down.

The fiend Abbot says he’s in the process of lifting the restrictions. I keep hearing about how these restrictions are going to be lifted, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening. And apparently, when they talk about restrictions being lifted, what they’re actually saying is that they’ll let you go outside to a store as long as you wear a mask and stand six feet away from everyone else.

So basically, the “light” version of this is still the most absolutely bizarre form of ritual humiliation that any government has ever engaged in at any time in history. Like, you can’t even come out with “this is like the Soviet Union…!” because there is literally no way to compare this to anything, ever. Even in an actual prison you have more freedom than this.

Texas ain’t got time.

But the governor sure does.

He’s not only livin’ la vida lockdown – he’s spending one third of one billion dollars on a conspiracy to track everyone.

Houston Chronicle:

Gov. Greg Abbott is pushing back hard against bipartisan criticism of a hastily awarded contract that put a little-known North Texas technology company in charge of the state’s effort to track down people who may be exposed to the coronavirus.

The company, MTX Group, asserted in its bid for the $295 million contract — with little evidence — that it had “extensive experience” doing contact tracing in several U.S. states.

“Governor Abbott pointed to MTX’s experience in implementing COVID-19 response systems including contact tracing in other states,” Abbott spokesman John Wittman said, listing 10 states that include New York, Florida and Massachusetts. “Importantly, every aspect of this contract is being paid for with federal funds.”

Wittman also said Abbott had gotten assurances that the privacy of Texans would be respected under the terms of the deal — a major concern of conservative activists who have grown increasingly critical of the Republican governor.

East Texas Rep. James White, R-Hillister, said legislative oversight of the contract is needed and on Friday he called on Abbott to convene a 30-day special session so that such “momentous” decisions get a proper vetting at the Texas Capitol. White said it didn’t matter to him that the money came from Washington, telling Hearst Newspapers “we continually need to be good stewards of that money.”

“I am concerned about privacy. I am concerned about the amount of monies that are being extended with very minimal legislative oversight and engagement,” White added. “We’ve got to get in the foxhole with the governor. We’ve got to own up to this. This is nothing that we can wait (on).”

Wittman said the state has made clear that MTX “must protect the personal privacy” of Texans subject to contact tracing.

“As Governor Abbott has said, your personal health information belongs only to you, and only you get to decide what can be shared,” Wittman said.

An unredacted version of the contract, obtained by Hearst Newspapers, shows the extent of the censorship of the company’s bid: blocked out descriptions of its hiring process, the numbers of employees that could be brought on board, the contact tracing platform that will be used and visualizations of the app that shows how the company will help keep track of infected people, people they interacted with and “family members.”

Though state officials have said the company would likely hire no more than 1,000 contact tracers, MTX said in its proposal that it “can source well beyond 5,000 agents if required. The model currently proposes 4,500 as MTX believes our calls center and contact tracing platform can help reduce agent requirements.”

Those sentences were redacted from the version released to Hearst Newspapers.

This contact tracing is absolute madness. This is literally “watch every move everyone makes and record it all in a gigantic database.” There’s also clearly no way it is possible to stop the flu. This only works in theory when you have only a few cases of the virus. When you have millions of cases, it is just retarded to even talk about it.

Unless of course it has nothing to do with the disease, and is simply about setting up a massive surveillance grid to track everyone in real time. That is of course exactly what it is, as I have explained.

Coronavirus is officially the way for these people to do whatever they want. And this brutal program crosses party lines. Texas is supposed to be “deep red,” and Abbott a “conservative bulwark” – but here we are, with this guy pushing further with this spy program than any other state thus far.

People need to go to these protests. They need to stand up. The government is not going to stop, of course, but we need to get the people organized to engage in resistance, and we’re only going to do that if we get out there and mix it up with the people.

Right now is the time. History is passing you by. Get to the rallies.