Texas: Mexican Woman Takes Off with Her Friend’s Three Children, Charged with Kidnapping

I can pretty well guarantee you this woman recently had an abortion.


A 19-year-old woman is charged with kidnapping after Corpus Christi police say she left a Walmart store with three children that weren’t hers.

Authorities were dispatched to a Walmart store, located in the 4100 block of S. Staples, around 6 p.m. Saturday. Officers were notified that the three children — a 2-year-old male, 2-year-old female and a 4-year-old female — and the woman, Helen Alvarez, were missing.

Alvarez was an acquaintance of the children’s mother, and police say she left the store with the children without their mother’s consent.

The children’s mother told police Alvarez offered to help her with the children as she was finalizing her purchase. However, when the mother was done, she realized her children and Alvarez had disappeared, according to officials.

Alvarez was arrested and charged with kidnapping.

With all of this talk of women and how important it is to do all of these things for women, no one is thinking about their actual happiness. Feminism, like racism or global warming or any of these other schemes, is simply about harming White Male Christians. The effect that abortion has on their psyche is enough to make a hardened slut-hater like myself sprinkle out a drop of pity.

Of course, they do it themselves. But women will do whatever is socially acceptable, and the socially acceptable thing, even among domestic Mexicans, is to have an abortion if you happen to become pregnant. Becoming pregnant and birthing a child is non-fashionable.

I don’t think they feel guilt, because I don’t think guilt is an emotion that women can feel. They feel hollowed out, which is in fact the literal thing that happens to their bodies. Killing the child creates an emptiness in them, which lasts for the rest of their lives. Any woman who is not a virgin at marriage is damaged property, but a woman who has had an abortion is a totaled Volkswagen.

Such women will never be capable of feeling anything real, for anyone, ever. Except loathing.

Most women have had an abortion by the time they’re twenty. Birth control is more about mismanaging hormonal functionality than it is about actually preventing birth, and it usually results in women telling men not to pull out, because a woman’s greatest pleasure in sex, for obvious biological reasons, is the injection of the semen itself.

Contrary to bullshit in sex ed class, the pull out method does have a 100% success rate, as long as you actually pull out. There is no way for a woman to get pregnant without sperm. The idea that there is sperm in the pre-ejaculatory fluid which can make a woman pregnant is on par with the idea that vaping while pumping gas is going to cause the gas station to explode.

Much disinformation is spread in sex ed class. People understood much more about sex before these programs were implemented.

In fact, a woman is only especially likely to get pregnant two days in a month. She is in heat those days, and will likely demand sex from her partner on those days. Birth control confuses all of this, and may increase or decrease her sex drive in a wildly erratic manner. It has also been shown to make her attracted to less masculine men, given that it makes her more masculine, and sexuality is generally about reaching equilibrium of hormones (hence men on steroids having sex with trannies).

The feminists themselves admit this, and seem to take pleasure in the fact that they can take pills that remove their sexual servitude to masculine men.

Further, the reason that sex becomes more pleasurable over a longer period of time (the sweet spot being 14 minutes) is because the semen builds up its ability to squirt. The sperm must enter a very small hole, and it needs to be sprayed with some force at the cervix. (If you have trouble building up pressure to squirt your semen, you probably masturbate, or are not physically fit. If without masturbation, and with physical fitness, your semen still does not project, and you are attempting to get a girl pregnant, you need to lift her abdomen upside down and allow the semen to trickle into the cervix. This can and should be done even if you have strong seminal ejaculatory force.)

This stealing of another woman’s children thing is not common among baby killers. But it has surely happened before.