Texas: Life Sentence for Barbaric Coon Who Butchered White Jogger with a Machete

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2019

Thomas Johnson.

Imagine if a white man hacked a nigger to death with a machete, and then the nigger’s sheboon wife killed herself weeks later from grief.

It would be considered a monumental hate crime, all of us would have the names of the killer and his victim drilled into our heads, and his sentence would be headline material.

Since the races were the opposite, though, the killer’s sentence is a mere footnote in the national press.

USA Today:

A former Texas A&M football player was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for the slaying of a Dallas jogger who was hacked to death with a machete in 2015.

A Dallas County jury had found Thomas Johnson guilty of murder Tuesday for the seemingly random killing of David Stevens. The former wide receiver pleaded not guilty, but prosecutors and police said he previously confessed to killing Stevens. His defense called no witnesses before the jury returned a verdict.

Johnson was accused of waiting on a trail in East Dallas and attacking the 53-year-old mechanical engineer as he ran by.

Johnson’s sentencing followed years of legal dispute over whether the high school football star was mentally competent to be tried. In 2016, a judge ruled he was not fit to stand trial and had him committed to a psychiatric hospital. But the court reversed this decision in June following a report on Johnson’s mental state from the hospital, according to court records.

Jurors delivered the maximum sentence Wednesday after about an hour of deliberation. Their decision came despite arguments from Johnson’s attorneys that the he deserved leniency because he was not in his right mind during the attack.

Stevens’ wife of 25 years died by suicide in October 2015, weeks after the murder. Patti Smith had told the Dallas Morning News that she hadn’t been sleeping or eating since her husband’s death.

David Stevens.