Texas is Ours Event Report!

Daily Stormer
June 19, 2017

Saturday, June 17, 2017 is now a day that will go down in history. It is a watershed moment, the moment when the real Alt Right stepped off the internet and into the real world, and it was glorious!

Members of Vanguard America, the Daily Stormer Book Clubs, and many other brave White people came to hear speeches by many great speakers, including Mike Enoch, Sacco Vandal, Wooderson, Johnny Monoxide and Your Friendly Neighborhood Azzmador!

Paying proper respect to one of the two Confederate memorials on the Capitol grounds. Deo Vindice!

I have to say, everyone gave great speeches, but the one that stood out tome was Mike Enoch’s. It was a real pleasure meeting him and the other guys from TRS, and not only was he eloquent, he was badass! Mike is an invaluable asset to this movement, and I’m happy that I can now call him a personal friend.

The event was held in Austin, Texas, on the steps of the Capitol Building, and we couldn’t have been in a more appropriate setting, as Texas  is not only one of the greatest White republics in history, it is also the state that is suffering the brunt of the immigrant invasion.

I cannot tell you how it warmed my heart to see all those great White people come together to stand strong for their race and nation. I told them that it looked like the Texas I was born into in 1966, and it certainly did.

This  was a stark contrast to what I saw when I got to the Capitol grounds. White people were vastly outnumbered. There were Mexicans everywhere, dothead Indians, burka-wearing Moslem women with bunches of little muzzrats in tow, just about anything but regular Texans.

So, as you can see in the video, we had a great round of speeches, and no one tried to water down the message or make it more media friendly, which, as it turns out, is exactly what the people are starving for.

After the speeches were over, Vanguard formed up military style, and we all marched through the Capitol grounds.

The march was peaceful, and visually powerful. No antifa showed up, despite being aware of the event, and I doubt we’ll be seeing much out of them anymore,. at least in Texas, as Austin is Texas’ hotbed of leftist faggotry, and the Red Guard and other antifa groups are stronger there than anywhere else in The Lone Star State, which still isn’t saying much.

They like to find old conservative boomers and call them Nazis, then attack. They aren’t ever gonna show up and fight when they are confronted by real Nazis.

The days of these faggots are numbered, and the number is very low.

After the march, we adjourned to a private rented room in a German restaurant. Everyone enjoyed their favorite beverages and plenty of German food, and had a great time getting to know new, like-minded friends. I personally made many new connections that I know will last a lifetime, and so did many others. It was worth the 8 hour round trip just for this.

Then a table was set up and a live version of The Daily Shoah was recorded, with an audience and a Q & A at the end. Most of the speakers were there for the show, and this was my debut as a death panelist, so make sure and listen when the next Shoah posts. It was a really great episode.

At one point an antifa kid came in without his antifa uniform and tried to take pictures of the attendees for the purpose of doxing them on their commie websites. He was physically removed post-haste. Then they sent some old Jew in there to gather intel, but he could see that this was not a safe space for his kikery. I could tell he was a Jew (he could have been the original model for the Happy Merchant meme), and when I asked  him if that were the case he confessed, so I informed him that at some point we will be throwing him in an oven. After another glance at the attendees he seemed resigned to his fate and slithered off to his Jewmobile and headed back  to the Kike Cave. That was the end of any attempt by these walking piles of human waste to try and mingle with us.

So, we hung out a little longer, and several lovely young ladies asked to have their picture taken with me, and of course, I obliged. After all, no one loves the ladies more than me!

So, all things taken into account, I rate this event as 1488% glorious and fashy! A great time was had by all, we presented a splendid image for our movement, and I believe this event will energize the movement.

Expect a hot summer, and I’m not talking about the thermometer!

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