Texas: High School Girls Barred from Chanting “USA! USA! USA!” at Basketball Games Because It’s Racist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2015

Every time I read a story like this, I get a warm feeling inside because I realize the Jews are absolutely pushing things too far and it is only a matter of time before something gives.

EAG News:

Idalou Independent School District are apologizing to nearby Slaton schools and dispelling charges of racism after fans chanted “USA! USA! USA!” following a girls basketball victory last week.

The chanting, which took place after the Idalou Wildcats bested the Slaton Tigers Tuesday, was perceived as racist because the Slaton Independent School District is comprised of 74 percent Hispanic and 7 percent African American students, Fox 34 reports.

“The chant USA should be for all of us, it should be inclusive,” Slaton superintendent Julee Becker told the news site. “We are making other people aware of what that behavior by just a few, what impact it had on us, us as a tiger nation and family.”

Slaton officials did not report the incident to the UIL, but Idalou superintendent Jim Waller met with them and offered an apology in person and in writing for the chanting, according to the news site.

“I apologize to Slaton ISD and the chanting will not be allowed to continue at games because of the perception that it creates,” Waller wrote in the apology letter. “We understand competitiveness and school excitement and support, but we need to be supportive in our words to our team and not use words that may be interpreted as insensitive to an opposing team.”

Waller said he met with at least one student about the incident, but doesn’t intend on punishing any of them for the chanting.

“Students have said there wasn’t anything to it,” Waller said. “But we’re not going to permit it.”

At this point, it is difficult to understand who exactly the Jews believe they are marketing this crap to.  I don’t personally run into anyone who isn’t experiencing serious Negro fatigue these days.  Sure, there is this entire SJW movement, but that remains a minority of the populace and is really only so influential because of the SJW President which was elected out of White guilt and a desire to end the wars, not because people actually agreed with his insane beliefs.  In fact when they voted for him, they were deceived about his beliefs.